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I’ve had a System Test series for a while but the videos used to be junk. Now that over the past year I have gained the ability to create decent videos, I’ll post them here! :smiley:

My current System Test series is from System Test 8 and onward, the older ones focused solely on my AutoPulse system when I was younger and hadn’t built the current one yet, although both Systems are tied together as of now.

Here is my most current System Test video, released today. Enjoy!


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Oops! I have embedding disabled by default and didn’t notice any problems since I was logged into my account and it allowed it to play for me. Thanks!

Here’s System Test 13, featuring a new Square D QO breaker box for the AC power wiring!


From the Description:

All the panels are now tied onto one power feed. Signals are a System Sensor MA12/24L set on 800Hz continuous, and a Notifier NWS-24 strobe. Special thanks to “Retired STR-SG” on TFP for helping me troubleshoot a small problem with this strobe and get it connected!

Initiating devices are a Honeywell S464A, an Edwards 270-SPO (which is unfortunately too close to the DMP XR-500 to unlock with a regular screwdriver) and the usual unappreciated Chemetronics 604 heat detector.

Not really sure whats going on with the audio in the beginning but oh well.

Here’s my newest test, System Test 14.


Video Description:

Doing something a little different this time by activating the Ansul AutoPulse 2000 system as well as the usual main system.

Initiating devices on the SXL-EX are a Simplex 2099-9754 “T-Bar” and a Simplex 2099-9768 “Chevron” pull station, as well as the usual Chemetronics 604 heat detector. Notification appliance is a Simplex 4903-9426 TrueAlert.

Initiating Devices on the Ansul 2000 are two SIF-24 smokes, and a Jackson Associates MPS-1. Notification appliances are a Federal Signal 450D+Fiquench 20-048 and an Ansul 57549 Bell.

The DMP XR-500 also activates as usual in response to the monitoring contacts on the other panels,

Thanks for watching!

System Test 15 is here, featuring a new keypad and some vintage, and very difficult to activate :wink: , pull stations!


I’ve got something new that wasn’t installed when I made this test, so hopefully I’ll be able to share it with those interested sometime soon.

System Test 16, featuring my new fire sprinkler riser setup!


System Test 17 - from a while back


System Test 18


System Test 19. Enjoy!


Here’s System Test 20!


System Test 21, featuring old Honeywell equipment by request!

I also give a brief demonstration of my DMP XR500’s features at the end of the video, also by request. Check it out!


System Test 22 is now available! This video really shows the effectiveness of Mechanical horns over Electronic horns.



System Test 23 is out, featuring several devices I have not had the opportunity to use in over 4 years!


Today I filmed System Test 24… and experienced somewhat of an equipment failure on camera when I tired to activate the waterflow switch near the end of the video. Here it is below:

As a side note, those two POPIT modules at the bottom of the enclosure were not installed like that. The paint on that panel is so slippery that double-stick tape just slides down over time. About a year ago they were mounted straight and 2 inches higher!

Thanks for taking a look!


Wonderful system set-up that you had there! I’m wondering if you thought about expanding the system or putting devices in hallways?

Thanks! I’ve put a lot of work into it :smiley:

The system is going to remain as it is indefinitely. I have no intention of ever expanding it into my house, and if I were to decide to expand it at some point, I would most likely add another board off to one of the sides.

Well I really like what you did with it.

For anybody interested, I wrote an article on the System Tests page of my website about the construction of my system over the years. If you enjoy my videos, it should be a pretty interesting read. Enjoy!


Here’s a special edition System Test, 24.1, that I filmed today. This details the cause of the equipment failure from System Test 24 and outlines the steps I took to correct it.


Looks like it is a great instructional video! Nice job!