"thefirealarm9"s Fire Alarm Collection

Hello all! Thought I’d show you my “current” collection :). Enjoy


Notification Devices

Edwards (EST):

G1R-HV15 (Genesis)


6120 (have 3. Sounds like a 9838 (because it is, actually))


MB-G6-24-R [Vibrating Bell] (rebrand. Original:


Commander 3


2091-9806 (B2 Model) [Electromechinal Horn]
2091-9838 [Electromechinal Horn] (sounds like a 9833)
4051 [Mechinal Horn]

System Sensor:

P2475 (strobe is broken)(“Classic”)
P24110 (strobe is ALSO broken)(“Classic”)
PC2R (Advanced series)
SP2W1224MC? (Strobe-Only)
S2475 (“Classic”)
SPSR (speaker broken)


STWC (Exceeder)
CH-70 (strobe only. I’ll call a ST-24-MCW haha)
ZNS-24-MCW (strobe broken. Calling it a “ZNH”)
RSS-24-MCC (broken)
7002T-12 (yes, a “12V” version. Strange)


Edwards (EST)



BG-12 (2 at the moment)



Smoke Detector Devices

Simplex TrueAlarm
Fike 63-1052 (have 3. Will sell 2 soon)
System Sensor 2151


Federal Signal 4000 Series (not in use. Will sell soon in addition for another panel)

I’ve got lots more to introduce into my collection soon! This will be fun :wink:


It looks like you have a very great collection to start off with! Its awesome! I can’t wait to see what other devices you get!

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It looks like you have a very great collection to start off with! Its awesome! I can’t wait to see what other devices you get!


Thanks! This is so far what I have from about 7 years of fire alarm collecting and such (around there. Maybe even 8) :wink:. Pretty decent overall. Some rare alarms in there like the B2 model Simplex 2091-9806 and the Fire-Lite BG-6. But yeah.

I forgot to add a System Sensor SC2430W into that list. I do have one :).

Also, I have my eye on getting an FCI MS-2. Expect to see me add one in the not too distant future :wink: (maybe even soon than that)

Just recently added a FCI MS-2 (finally!). It’s actually the older model MS-2 from what I’m hearing, which is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, no key. Gonna have to get one some how.

Just remembered I had a few other fire alarm devices back then that I don’t have now. I’ll try to remember the best I can, but they were an Ademco pull station (all-metal. Looks fairly similar to the Simplex T-bar, but without the spring. I believe it was a dual-action pull station as well). I had a System Sensor “Classic” strobe (it was broken on one side, and almost pretty much useless, so I guess it’s not such a big deal that I don’t have it anymore :-/). And finally I had a Notifier panel (don’t remember model # or what it was, but I’m gonna assume it was addressable. Again, not entirely sure).

So, that’s pretty much it for now. I plan on a few more devices to come in soon, but we’ll see

How soon are you planning on getting any new devices after these then.

I’m going to say in less than three months maybe. I’ve got some in mind :wink:. Should be nice

What sort of alarms do you have in mind?

Well, currently on my list are the Simplex 4903-9236 (Electronic Horn Strobe), the EH-DL1-WM (it’s pretty hard to find an EHS-DL1, so I’m scoring for this. This is also an Electronic Horn Strobe), the Wheelock MIZ (mini-horn), the Wheelock WST-24 (the non-ADA strobe. Made in the early-90s), the EST Genesis (Ceiling Mount Horn Strobe), the Gentex Commander 1, and the Wheelock RSS strobe

Those were the notification devices I have in mind. Pull stations would be the FCI MS-6, the Simplex 4251-20, the Gamewell MS-95 (“Century”), the EST 278B (the one with the lift and pull, but is not addressable), and the Siemens / Pyrotronics MS-501.

I have a list of other alarms to obtain later on, but these are the “current” ones I’m looking out for ;).

Sounds really good. Hope you can get them!

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Sounds really good. Hope you can get them!



Just recently received these items to add to my collection :slight_smile:


Simplex 2903-9001 Light Plate & another Simplex 2901-9806 (B2):

The light plate is REALLY rare to find. So, is the 9086, but again I already own one :? . Pretty sweet alarms to own I will say. The light plate unfortunately needs a new bulb since the old one burnt out :frowning: . Off to the bulb store I go!

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Wow they are really nice! Great job on finding them!

Hey all! Long time, no see :lol:. Anyhow, I just obtained new fire alarm devices (one a trim plate, and the other a notification device)! :). Here they are!

EST G1RT-FIRE (Genesis Trim Plate) (the left to the SHG)

Gentex SHG (1st Gen, Model Number: SHG24-HWR, I believe it’s an 110 Candela strobe, which is pretty sweet since this device was made in 1993 :shock:)!

(the labels weren’t glued on, so I taped them on instead :|. Still works though)

The EST trim plate is a nice addition, but I’m super happy about the SHG :D! This one is pretty rare, and the one that codes itself to March-Time, which is awesome. Both were brand-new, which is even more awesome!

If you keep up with my system tests, expect these devices to appear very soon ;). Oh, and they’re also now added to my requested system tests form (which I’m still currently accepting requests. Link in my signature ;)).

Got more devices to come, but I’m proud to have these additions.

That is a really nice haul that you have! Have you tested the SHG yet? I have one fond memory of it back in elementary school. LOL

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That is a really nice haul that you have! Have you tested the SHG yet? I have one fond memory of it back in elementary school. LOL


I have tested the SHG :). Works great! And loud too lol :lol:. But thank you once again :wink:

I also just received yet another pretty rare device, today. It’s a Simplex 2903-9101 strobe plate. I might show pics soon. Yet another sweet obtaining :smiley:

I am glad that you are getting these devices and hope that you can continue to get more!

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I am glad that you are getting these devices and hope that you can continue to get more!


Thanks! It will certainly happen, I’m sure :wink:.

I just got this Simplex pull station in the mail today :). I thought I have received a Simplex 4251-20, BUT this one says it’s a Simplex 4251-40. I’m not entirely sure what’s the difference between this and the -20 model (other than the mysterious “hole” on the pull itself). Could this be a rarer or rather “uncommon version” of the 4251-2()? Hmm? Either way it’s pretty neat though :smiley:

Also, here are those 2903-9101 strobe plate pictures! (i took them today as you can see with the new simplex pull station in the background)

More new fire alarm devices to come for sure :wink:. Off to a great start though!

I found this catalog page on firealarmresources. It shows the 4251-40 as having both a pre-signal and general alarm capability. The pre-signal switch is the one operated by the T handle. That would cause indications in constantly manned locations like security stations. The alarm would be investigated and if evacuation was deemed necessary the person could do that at the pulled station.

General alarm was initiated by a key switch that would be mounted in the hole above the T handle switch. That switch was behind that mysterious hole behind the T handle. The key looks like a real long annunciator key but without the notches because it was a non-capturing switch. On your station that key switch was removed.

Wow that is a very cool find! I’m really glad that you shared this with us!