Today's Job

Going to start this thread for any professionals on this board to show off what they are up to today. Seems like a lot of you may be interested in seeing some “real world” stuff and discussing these systems. So let’s have some fun with this…

I’ll start… Toady’s job:

8 Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Protectowire FS2000 panel - one of two

Protectowire FS2000 panel - two of two

Unfortunately no pictures today, but I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off the last couple weeks. So many projects keep pouring in and one of our guys is on vacation.

Nothing but design build after design build…or those projects where the consultant engineer butchers the layout on the plans and it turns into a design build… :roll:

Last week featured a 5 story hotel going up downtown, followed by a new apartment complex with 4 buildings, each one about 80,000 sq. ft. and the icing on the cake? They were all wood-frame and required above and below protection…sweet! :x

I’ve been switching back and fourth between a new 4 story hospital and a new 7 story office building. The hospital isn’t out of the ground yet and the EC is still doing their thing at the office building, but I just deal with the paper side of things… fighting architects, consultants, and engineers.

Neither one is really special in any way, run of the mill standard fire alarm systems.

This topic is a great idea. I’ve gone ahead and moved it to Fire Alarm General Discussion as well as stickied it.

Thought about placing it there originally but wasn’t sure - just in case someone wanted to share a sprinkler job or something non-fire alarm but related (like an intercom system). But if you’re fine with it here, I’m fine with it!

Here is an elevator shaft for a 10 story parking garage that I am working on. I will be tying elevator recall service into these very soon which will involve installing heat and smoke detectors in the top and the bottom of the hoistway.

This is looking up at the bottom of the unfinished cars.

[attachment=2]Elev shaft.jpg[/attachment]

This is looking down

[attachment=1]Elev shaft 2.jpg[/attachment]

And this is looking at the cab frame from the top.

[attachment=0]Elev shaft 3.jpg[/attachment]


Oh, I meant for these to go into the ‘Today’s job’ thread. Could a mod please move this?


This was a job from two weeks ago but if anyone can guess it, you win the internets. Ironic we just happened to be there that week. There are a couple of heat detectors in the picture.


Don’t worry about it, I just figured this forum was a bit better than general discussion since ANYTHING can be posted in there, but only stuff related to life safety could be posted in this forum.


And wow, about the elevators, this kind of perspective really makes you appreciate how complex and large elevators are.

“Old” FCI FC-72 panel I was working with today. I actually love these panels. Simple, last practically forever (except for the zone cards), no microprocessor to get corrupted. This is a small one, only 12 zones with the double zone cards, but still a nice and neat wiring layout. Don’t see too much of that anymore. I used to have to deal with one of these that had two cabinets full of zone cards - and they had limited space so the panels were mounted about 8’ from each-other!


That panels board reminds me of the Notifier panel that Andrew showed in his video, the Piezo and switches. :slight_smile:

Pretty soon I will be uploading a video of a very rare Gamewell FACP that is almost a dead knockoff of the FC-72.

Stay tuned to find out.

There was a popular local company that used to install the FC-72s exclusively. So around here, these panels aren’t rare. But or the longest time I only had one FCI key because most sites only had one key and could never grab a spare. That was until I came across a new Gamewell installation and the installer left a cache of keys on site. It was like Christmas, now I’ve got plenty of PK625 keys!

My pictures of a Fenwell panel turned out extremely blurry. I might post them anyways. :frowning:

We’re replacing a Focus 200 panel that runs the building, but at the same time we’re also taking out this old Fenwell that was still feeding out to the focus panel. At one point in time the Fenwell panel ran 4 Halon systems apparently, but the gas was ripped out long ago and the panel, smokes, pulls and a few audibles remained.

Here’s the Fenwell.

This is the nonsense I love… Fire alarm panel in the back of a grocery store. They even installed a yellow safety barricade to keep people from damaging the panels and from stacking stuff up against them. Guess it was a nice place to keep a supply of spare pallets! But this doesn’t surprise me and isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Mercantile is horrible for this kind of stuff. I once walked into a store that had the fire alarm panel in a locked electrical room. They had that room stuffed with glass shelving, stored in the vertical position, stacked up against the fire alarm, security, and electrical panels. It was their yearly inspection and asked the manager to get someone to move the glass. His reply was a snippy “I don’t have time for this”. So I got out the state FM form, wrote down, “Unable to preform inspection, FACP inaccessible due to storage”, faxed in the form at the end of the day. Two days later get a call from the store “We need our system inspected TODAY”. Apparently the FM stopped by the next day, saw the storage in the electrical room, gave them 24 hours to clear the room and get the system inspected or he was going to padlock the front door. Hey, I was just doing my job!


Here’s an old fire alarm panel - Pyrotronics “Pyr-A-Larm” dated 1955. 220VAC system with 120V outputs on the board. Located in a Verizon Central Office, no doubt this is original to the building.




Smoke detector, heat detector, and pull station from the Pyr-A-Larm system:

(Got the smoke detector lamp ON when it was flashing in alarm)