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Back in April I posted this wonderful topic,

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And now I’m wondering which CURRENT product you think is the ugliest. No poll this time sorry.

I think the new System Sensor L Series is the ugliest along with any of Gentex’s Speaker Strobe appliances.

For older devices, I think the ADA Mass is the ugliest. Also, any Space Age AV32 on a backbox.

For today’s devices, I think the Simplex Truealert speaker strobes are too ugly. Honestly I thought the 4903 series speakers looked better.

I have to go with the wall mount System Sensor L series— those things are far too ugly, especially the speaker strobes, HUGE footprint. The ceiling mounts aren’t as bad, but how readable the fire lettering is with the white alarms is such an eyesore. If they made it not as low hanging, I’d be fine.

IMO System Sensor should’ve gone with the SYS-ST series as the main, that would’ve been better.

The brand new Simplex TrueAlertES ceiling horn strobes don’t even look like horn strobes either, they look too much like speaker strobes. I drew up a sketch which I would’ve liked it to look like:

The same goes for the WG4 EST Genesis horns

That’s essentially similar to a Gentex Commander 4 which i agree would be much better. Nice sketch! You should send it to Simplex and complain lol :lol:

I actually find that the Edwards Integrity WG4 is definitely not pleasant to look at and that it totally can’t fit with anything and is a complete eyesore. I just find that the body isn’t appealing with its hexagon-shaped housing and the round and awkward looking strobe doesn’t compliment it that well.

I had another idea to put the strobe more towards the side, but then that looked a little too weird. Yeah it really does, both Simplex and Gentex’s piezos sound pretty similar though.

Besides the fact that it’s actually a horn/strobe which really blew my mind. It should’ve been the Genesis’ size. (gonna guess it makes the integrity sound)

They do come in speaker/strobes but the configuration is basically the same and they still look like a large eyesore. As for what it sounds like, since its an Integrity in an ugly body like the Adaptahorn is an Edwards 894 in an ugly body, I would assume it sounds the same.

Holy Spirit Fire Drill 1/28/15 - YouTube

As you can see at 1:40 in the video linked above, the WG4 actually sounds like a Genesis. I guess it’s basically the weatherproof version. I did see it installed outdoors once at a Buffalo Wild Wings (the indoor signals were regular Geneses), but otherwise it seems like Integrities are still more favored as outdoor signals. I do agree that it’s quite ugly.

The MultiAlert ADA series was just hideous with that oversized strobe.

No doubt the TrueAlertES ceiling-mount speaker/strobes. Looks like a SpectrAlert Advance speaker with a 4904 strobe taped to the side. I still can’t figure out why the people who designed these didn’t center the strobe like on any normal ceiling-mount device.

I think what Simplex wanted to do was to make it more audible, so they put the strobe on the side away from it, like what they did with the wall mount speaker. I still think they should’ve used the newer strobe, then if they put that one to the side it wouldn’t’ve looked as bad.

Hmm, I wonder if the WG stands for “Weatherproof Genesis”

Straying away from more common models, I think this definitely takes the cake.

I’ll agree. The massive clear strobe is ugly as shit on that thing…

That device looks like it needs to be checked into hospice care stat because that strobe looks like a massive inoperable tumor. And its not long for this earth.

what in the hell

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tbh I dunno which alarm has a longer strobe, that, or the MASS. I’ve seen both of them in public though.

I don’t think images are included when you use quotes anymore.

I constructed a model of what I wish the horn/strobe ceiling TrueAlertES should’ve looked like.

I still don’t know what Simplex was smoking when they came up with their new TrueAlert ES LED models. They look ugly!