Unknown Speaker

Can anyone tell me the brand and model of this speaker? Picture:


Electro vox maybe??.

I want to know as well, as many of my schools in my district have these as well as my school.

I want to say it is some sort of generic intercom speaker, since I have seen it in multiple different systems from dukane to telecor. Maybe it is just my school district tho, (they often retrofit things.)

This speaker is located at a school, lol

The speaker pictured is used in a rauland system.

After a lot of searching, I found out it’s a Atlas Sound VP161A

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YES!!! These intercom speakers have been in all of the schools in my district, I could never figure out what they were, however.

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They are also vandal-proof too

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I think i Know why there are 4 speakers in the courtyard at our school. The Flush ones are for the Stage Audio system and the ones on boxes are for the Intercom system.

Those speakers are very common on the outside of schools. My district tends to use Telecor but Atlas is also compatible with the system.

Also, does anyone know what speaker this is:

I believe that it is some sort of Wheelock speaker.

That’s probably a wheelock e90-w

That looks like an EST 964/965-series speaker. The grille’s hole pattern is rather distinctive (pre-GS Mirtone QSB speakers also used a very similar design), and the shape of the baffle appears to match.

EST also used a different grille design for these speakers; perhaps this variant is newer.

Actually now that I’ve seen one of those est speakers I think you’re right. But that speaker kinda look like a wheelock e90

When did the Wheelock E90 and the EST 964/965 come out? The building where i took the pictures was built somewhere between 1994-1997.

The EST 964/965-series speakers have been around since at least 1995. This document, which has a copyright date of 1995, features a datasheet for the 964/965 speakers (at page 50).