Username Changes

Just wanted to mention that we now allow users to change their usernames themselves instead of having to PM a moderator or admin.

If you decide to change your username, please do everyone a favor and post in this topic saying that you did, so that people do not get confused.

If people begin to frequently change their username (abuse the system) I will disable it.


Changed mine from jjvideo25 to John

If you don’t know how to change it:

[]Go to UCP
]Click on Profile
[]Click on Edit Account Settings
]Enter new username in the field

By the way, I changed my username from green200 to The Big Green if anyone is curious.

Here is the link:

Mine has been changed from thesdx to Destin.

I’ve had my username changed from “frank_t39” to “frankalarms39”.

I changed my name from"Max Macs" to “Tyler.”

It will not let me change my username… It is just, where the field to change your username should be, it just says my username in a bold font and I cannot change anything.

Because of the Single Sign-On system set up between the wiki and the forum, we had to disable username changes because only the forum’s username database is affected.

If you want your name changed, send an admin or website team member a PM saying you want your username changed, and with the new username, and it’ll be taken care of.

Just changed my username from “computertech24” to “Samson”

Just changed my username from “megacolby” to “Signal Alert”

If I can, Im going to change mine from Vibratone Horn to C4 Studios, if thats ok.


Done. Have fun.
We don’t allow users to change their usernames because we’re working on linking the user database with another site and name changes do not update easily.

What happend to the wiki?

Yeah Andrew, what happened? I’ve asked you a few times and you’ve ignored me every single time. :roll:

Funny thing is, I can’t fix it because I don’t run the server.

I would like mine to be changed to Tanner.

And done!

Can mine be changed to “Robert”?

All set

could i have my changed to Newton