Vintage fire alarms found on eBay

Post any photos of vintage/rare/unusual fire alarms from eBay here.

Honeywell W625A FACP

ELLMAN Engineering Co. (ELLENCO) sprinkler FACP

this one may also be ELLENCO?

unknown ADEMCO panel

Simplex 4244 drill switch

Plus these ones I found on Reddit


Vintage Notifier FACPS

Bell System, KS-6931 pull stations

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why do i never catch this stuff?

I found……

I bought one of those btw

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here are some more

Pyrotector duct smoke detector

NATSCO fan control cabinet

Gamewell 6&10 inch bells

Rebranded early Edwards Adaptabel

ACME FA CO. explosion-proof coded pull box and AC vibrating bell

ADT bells and panel

ADT AERO FA boxes/annunciators

S. H. Couch coded pull stations

STRAND break glass stations


McFell FA box

Faraday bells

1920s-40s Edwards coded pull station

non-coded variant

1970s Edwards annunciators

SET FAX panel

Simplex 4247–2 with code mechanism

Faraday D-1245-FC panel

Protectowire 8SS bell and linear heat detector terminal cabinet with bell

Autocall Type R bell (I think they could be the original manufacturer of these bells)

Mohawk Electric Co. break glass station

Fire-Lite Alarms Inc. 101 heat sensor

unknown break glass station (possibly Couch?)

Faraday flush mount coded pull station

Various flush mount coded pulls with their original backboxes

Unusual Gamewell pull stations

10 inch early Edwards Adaptabel

Edwards drop-flag annunciator

Chemetronics/Fenwall agent release toggle switches

ADT flow switch

Reeve Electric A/DPV-4

ACME break glass coded pull station

Holtzer-Cabot non-coded break glass station

Cannon Electric break glass station

1930s Autocall coded pull station

I found some more just today!

Unknown manufacturer’s fire alarm box

Edwards 311(black)

Schwarze No. 6 bell

Potter FA-50

A third KS-6931

1930s-40s Edwards surface mount coded pull station

1930s Autocall coded pull with glass window

Faraday UNI-PACT horns

Ellman break glass station

Auth Electric bell

ADT branded Schwarze cowbell

Notifier 12V DC C6 bell

Northern Electric Co FA box (rebranded Gamewell Vitaguard)

Custom Holtzer-Cabot coded pull station




Plus this Couch one

NATSCO 511 & Simplex 4048

IBM trouble bell

1930s-50s Faraday coded pull

Cardox pull station

Notifier AC bell

Faraday 123 horn

Samson coded pull station

Faraday NYC bell

Gamewell Vitalarm detector and Flexalarm non-coded pull box

Rope Escape Co. break-glass station

Early IBM 4030

Gamewell M46 & M69


Kidde B5

Edwards 562

Gamewell chevron from mid-1950s

Holtzer Cabot fire horn

Grinnell sprinkler pressure switch

Edwards FA signal device transformer

Early Farady Uni-Pact bell

Faraday 769/KS-1203 Bell System

Holtzer Cabot PS bell


ADT B5009

Vintage heat sensors

Fire-Lite 4 inch bell

1930s Edwards bell

Chemetron heat sensor (OEM)

Edwards 4 inch FIRE Adaptabel

Holtzer-Cabot institutional coded pull

Unknown ADT device, Detect-A-Fire thermal sensor, Generation 2 smoke detector, and unknown pull station.

Simplex bell from early 60s

Pyrotronics F3/5A smoke detectors

Pyrotronics BAC-4S

Simplex trouble annunciator

Various water flow switches

HORNI non-coded FA box

ACME break glass station

Simplex 4208-style annunciators

IBM panel bell

IBM RV-4016-6A

IBM surface-mount NY

Autocall FA

Honeywell flush-mount AC horn & Edwards Adaptabel (found in a Michigan Boys Catholic HS on Google Maps)

Edwards heat sensors

Chemetron Explosion proof heat sensor

Kidde heat sensor

Pyrotector smoke detector terminal box

Simplex duct smoke detector test switch

Unknown 1950s-80s smoke detector

Couch branded Federal 350A

Holtzer-Cabot break glass station

Fenwal Detect-A-Fire flame sensors

Gamewell M46

Faraday 128 horn

Aames Security pull stations



Gamewell 47078

Faraday 10070

Faraday 5024-HB

Gamewell Auxiliary FA box (non-coded)

Simplex 4250 (from 1960)

Couch outdoor coded FA box

More I found today


Simplex RV4016-6A

Wheelock 4 inch bell from 1930s-40s

another Faraday flush-mount coded pull

Holtzer-Cabot 2 stage coded pull

General Electric FA break glass station

Edwards 310 from the 1930s or 40s

ADT branded Federal 30A

Rare Pyrotronics duct smoke detector and flame detector

The Ademco 529 is only for panels with a fire starter circuit

What’s a fire starter circute

It was a joke bc the pull station said pull for fire

LOL. IK some enthusiasts hate the design of the 529, but they’re probably much better quality than the BG-12, which is made of cheap plastic.

The bg12 is decent, better than the bg10. I think what collectors hate is that it’s effectively a one time use pull station as you need to find a new glass disc when you pull it which I’d imagine is pretty hard considering the station itself is rare

The disc is actually vulcanized rubber.

Probably still hard to find tho

those are better off as museum pieces. I think some enthusiasts could contact a local machine shop, and the machinist could manufacture the disks.

Faraday trouble bell

Standard EAX panel

Autocall NC w/ different hammer

Holtzer-Cabot smash glass with mounting skirt

Early Faraday 5024-HB

Simplex 6 V 4050 w/ black label (same as my former HS, but red) and a rare Faraday 7400 buzzer.

Faraday FACP from 1979

FS&S “Fedrabel”

Gamewell reset bell panel

Rare Edwards 314

Couch-branded Wheelock 31 horn

Faraday 760 bell

Ellman break glass station

NOS Simplex 4017-63 (same as STVM)

Gamewell 48308 (rebranded Edwards Adaptabel) from the early 1960s

Wheelock branded Edwards coded pull

These two fire alarm signs (one from the late 60s or early-mid 70s)

Rare Acme break glass stations

Acme fire signal button

Howe Electric Co. bell with mounting base

rare IBM 4251-1 from 1955

vintage 70s Notifier annunciators

70s Spectronics annunciator

Aero Automatic dual gong FA bell

Simplex RV4016-4

Honeywell SC808 (Faraday rebrand)

Canadian Gamewell Vitaguard

Autocall break glass coded pull with National signal badge

Gamewell sign

Notifier CP6 bell with mounting base

IBM 4030-2 (Faraday 121-U)

Edwards 227 w/ rare surface mount backbox

IBM surface NY

pair of Couch model 77’s (circa 1930s-early 50s)

Faraday 121 (UNI-PACT design)

Holtzer-Cabot/Faraday institutional coded pull station

ADT FA sign and Wheelock (Signal Eng. & Mfg Co.) smash glass coded pull

Assorted vintage pulls (I found another rare FIRE-LOCK T-handle and a rare Ellman break glass station from the 1940s)

Autocall semi-fush break glass coded FA station

I’m thinking about buying that first lot

I hope you do end up getting all those vintage pull stations in the first photo. I think all the coded ones have their back boxes so you can donate those to a fire museum if you want along with some of the rare non-code boxes (there’s one fire museum in Pennsylvania that has a whole room dedicated to building fire alarm systems); YouTube user Old School Fire Alarms always gets the back boxes with the actual peripherals if they do not mount to any standard box. The ones without the back boxes are mostly used for demonstration purposes and are found in the hands of collectors.