Vintage Unknown Notifier Panel

This is my first time being in the Fire Panel Forums and it’s kinda my first post.

So this panel was first installed at my school in 1976, but was later being replaced with a 4100U and then a 4100ES. I have not seem this panel anywhere else nor in the fire alarm community, Can anyone determine the name of the panel, or the model and give me some insights or brochures so I may have more information. I just want to know more about this panel.

Also another thing, the pull mounted on the panel was a 4251-20. Right before the renovation in 2002, it was a Standard Electric Pull. Yearbook confirmed.

Here’s another post which contains a similar panel, I know obviously Notifier Emhart made them, but I’ve got no clue as to what the model number is.

When was this specific photo taken?