Vista 20p Fire Question

Hello, I apologize if this is the wrong category for the Vista since it is security, however this is more on the fire side.

I am planning on installing a vista 20p system in my home for fire and burglar protection.

I was wondering if instead of sirens like the WAVE, if I could wire 12v notification appliances to the system, would this be a safe and code complaint way for the system?

Yes, I should be fine. I have a 20-P and have a Pull Station and heat detector on zones, then wired to a fire alarm on the bell (alarm) circuit. The one thing I don’t know is how to get it to go off only when there’s a fire condition and not burglary.

It is not recommended. If you want to use fire signaling devices they must be able to operate on 12v and have no strobe. When the VISTA series of panels are activated in fire, the panel codes the output. However, Remote horns or bells can be used when set on the “continuous” or “coded” option as long as they can operate on 12v. If this is a hobby system, go ahead! Try it out. The strobes won’t work so well though. If it is a life safety and protection system, Use only the devices listed in the programming guide. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.

The 15, 20 or 21ip panels cannot be configured to only activate the bell circuit in a fire alarm. The only panels that can do this are the V-FB series of panels

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You could, but since pretty much all security systems have only one alarm output it would sound for both security & fire conditions.

I’d recommend one with separate fire and security circuits. However, you can use 2 of the zones to trip and reset a fire alarm panel with a vista 20p.

Those kinds of panels are rare to find I think though.

@MrFireAlarm showed me zone types, and you have fire alarm and fire reset on a vista 20p

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I mean security panels with separate fire & security outputs (for the sounding devices that is).

Vista 128fbp does that


In a way, 12 Volt appliances can be wired to a relay connected to the Vista’s on board triggers.

You can,
Trip the relay on with Fire Activation and have it wired to the bell output. The devices, would pulse in code 3 and will not activate under burglar alarm.

Or, Wire the relay to activate the alarms continuously with the 12v standby power.

Note, these are all power limited.

@Alex_Wilkinson Yes it does indeed. But is about 12 times more expensive for one compared to a 20p.

Then maybe that’s an option in cases like this one.

The thing is though: is doing that approved as an acceptable option if you really need separate fire & security signals? (it’s not against code that is)

Thats @WheelockNS 'es choice. We both know each other well, And that is what he wants planned out.

Forgot to note, If it cost less to buy an FACP with the same capabilities, that is the better option. The Security and Fire Panels can always be tied together.

Is there a way to do alarm silence on a vista 20p?

Just press 1 for Fire alarms.
For burglar alarms you must Enter your code then press 1

Is there a way to do selective silence?

With a sync module. Yes.

What output do you use?