Voice Evac Message Files

Hey everyone! I’m currently searching for voice evacuation message audio files from various systems for a project I’m working on (wink wink).

The specific files I’m looking for are:

  • The Simplex 4100U message files, specifically the one that says “DO NOT RUN, DO NOT RUN.”
  • Other various FireLite message files, mainly the “While this is being verified, please, leave the building…”
  • Any other voice evacuation messages.

I already have the Simplex messages from Destin’s site, but I’m looking for more of the Simplex message variations, like the “do not run” one I mentioned above. If anyone has any of these or knows where I can get them, that’d be awesome.

I’m always looking for any voice message or tone sound files that I can find myself. Also the “4100U message file”, at least if you’re referring to the one in Destin’s “4100U Evac Simulation” video, is actually a custom message made from several messages spliced together, all of which can be found on his website.

I’ve found a lot of fire alarm voice evac files from previous projects I’ve done myself.

Notifier: Index of /database/Voice Evac Messages/Notifier

  • the notifier link comes with all the sounds and all associated with a notifier system :slight_smile:

FireLite: Error
Silent Knight: Error

If you want more, I have a few from EST too.

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I actually have quite a few EST messages myself, but I’m not sure if I have the ones you have specifically, given there seem to be quite a few different voice actors (plus the fact that Edwards-EST seems to do a good job of keeping the lid on their messages since very few of them have been found by the community).

Thanks for these links.

I am interested in the EST files, if you would like to share them. Do you also happen to have any of the older FireLite/Notifier voice messages?

Yeah, I’d like to see what they’ve got as well. By older Fire-Lite/Notifier messages, do you mean the ones spoken by a male voice actor that say (for example): “May I have your attention please! May I have your attention please! A fire has been reported in the building. A fire has been reported in the building. Please proceed to the stairway & exit the building. Do not use the elevator”

I would also like to see some EST voice evac messages and tones.

Most of the EST messages/tones are available on the Edwards Signaling site. I don’t have the link on me at the moment though, but it’s somewhere in this forum

Pretty sure that only the tones are available on that website, not the messages.

I found the Simplex “DO NOT RUN” message.


You can to convert it to mp3 or wav using a tool like https://mp3cut.net/.

I would like the EST Standby Message as a wav.

“Attention! attention! An emergency has been reported. All occupants go to the nearest exit and await instructions. Do not use elevators, repeat, do not use elevators”

I have the entire database of EST tones and messages if you’d like it

I have the entire database of EST tones and messages if you’re interested, let me know

I have a zip file of all the EST tones and messages let me know if you’d like it

can you send the file

Even though I have a good assortment of Edwards/EST messages & tones already, I’d still like to take a look at the ones you have just in case you have any that I don’t, if you’re willing to share them of course.

The Edwards Signaling website has lots of sound files.

I am aware of that, & that’s where I got a lot of the ones I have from. Not every sound & message that’s been heard on Edwards/EST voice systems is available there though.

yes, here you go

I have every one