Wal-Mart and Fire Alarms

Some questions about Wal-Mart and their fire alarms…
-Does Wal-Mart have an agreement with Radionics or something, because of the probably 20 wal-marts i’ve been to, not a single system has lacked radionics components (only exception was the old wal-mart in Franklin, TN that had a couple classic edwards pulls, and one lone radionics t-bar).
-In a Super Center in Pensacola, FL, the alarms are the Spectr Alerts, but they are mounted in an interesting way. There are poles coming down from the ceiling with circular mounting brackets, around which four or five alarms are wired. There are probably two or three rows with five or six each throughout the entire store. Has anyone seen this, or know why this is done.
-Aside from the old Wal-Mart in Franklin, TN and one mentioned on an earlier post here that both had United Security Products knockoffs of the Wheelock 34-24 with strobes, all of the stores have either had Wheelock MT’s and AS’s, or a mixture of Spectr Alert ceiling and wall mount. Does anyone know why this is, or seen anything different than the aforementioned.
-At the Walmart Super Center in Waynesboro, VA, there is only one alarm and one pull station in the entire store. Both are located right beside each other in the customer service alcove where returns are made along the “front hallway” of the store. Aside from the smoke detectors throughout the store, this is the only device in the store that I saw (i spent twenty minutes searching for more devices). Furthermore, that made me wonder if the Greenfield, IN Wal-Mart Super Center (where I haven’t seen any alarms), might have this set up, seeing as though I have never been in their customer service area. Has anyone seen this setup before, or know why this is done?
Okay, I know that was a lot, but I’m done now. Thanks to everyone who posts.

The Wal-Mart near me doesn’t have a single NA in it. It was built around 2001. It also had redionics equipment. It has 2 keypads (one red, one beige) and a pull station at the customer service desk, and another red keypad near the grocery store entrance (it’s a SuperCenter).

The Target near me has a similiar setup: 2 Keypads (one geige, one red) and a pull station back at the layaway and dressing rooms and a red one near the store entrance. Only difference is, above the keypads is the only signal in the store - an RSS…

OMG,at my wal Mart,There are Radionics pulls and an old system of some sort.And I can recall seeing an alarm of the 4903 series. :shock:

Maybe it broadcasts a tone over the PA?

Here are the ones that I know of, all have Radionics systems.


Austin: ??? (Hasn’t opened yet, though I’d guess either SpectrAlerts or SpectrAlert Advances)

Albert Lea: Lone SpectrAlert @ Service Desk

Rochester #1: Lone SpectrAlert in front of Service Desk “room”. (Old W-M converted into a SuperCenter)

Rochester #2: White Ceiling-mount ASes and RSSs, Ceiling mount RSSs in restrooms that are Wall-mounted .

Owatonna: Ceiling SpectrAlerts. Wall-mount S1224MCs in restrooms. (All red)


Fort Dodge: Wall-mount Red AS.

Janesville: Same as Owatonna.

Huber Heights: Same as Owatonna, however the restroom in back as a White S1224MC.

The Wal-Mart near our mall has Radionics T-bar pulls and Wheelock AS horn/strobes. Then there is one I went to near my aunt’s house in Rhode Island, they had BG-12 pulls (I don’t remember their brand, they were probably Notifier) and these ceiling-mount System Sensor horn/strobes (the round ones, I believe these are Spectra Advance ceiling models.)


Wal-Mart in my town: SpectrAlerts on walls and ceilings, Radionics pulls and panel.

Augusta: AS’s, RSS’s, Radionics T-bar


Elizabethton: SpectrAlerts and Radionics

Johnson City: AS’s and Radionics

There are way too many Wal Marts around here to list, but most have Radionics T-bars and Radionics branded MT LSMs. Tons were built in this area in the early '90s.

The one nearest to me has Wheelock EH’s hanging from the ceiling, similar to what simplexfan32 described. Then there’s another one around here with SpectrAlerts. Both have Radionics systems, of course.


Simplex panel, Simplex 2099 t-bar and ceiling mounted 4903’s!

jk… but I wish!

The Wal-Mart near me has Wheelock AS’s… They could relabeled as Radionics. Then another Wall-Mart across town has Wheelock MT’s if I remember correctly.

I doubt a store would use a Simplex system. There are a few minor exceptions, but that’s all I know. Chain stores I know typically have Wheelock signals and Honeywell-branded systems, and a few use Siemens. Small stores, particularly independent ones, often have SpectrAlerts.

The red and gray keypads… one is for fire and one is for security.

Also, even in California, every Wal-Mart has Radionics!!! One even has a newer 270-SPO!

Hollister Co, and American Eagle use Simplex systems. I see them everywhere I go.

Just off the top of my head, there’s a Kohl’s and a Blockbuster near me that have Simplex systems. And I know I’ve seen others.

All the Kohl’s I see have Fire-Lite MS-9?00UD systems…

Well they had their grand opening today and boy I was dead wrong! Its a Bosch (radionics) system, but with a Wheelock SAFEPATH®4 EVAC system with E70 or E90 ceiling-mounted speaker/strobes that also broadcast music and the PA announcements. I didn’t see the SAFEPATH®4 cabinet, but there is one of these in the entryway next to a Bosch fire annunciator. That’s how I knew it was the SAFEPATH®4 system.

Pretty much every Wal-Mart I’ve been to has a Radionics system with SpectrAlerts. I thought Radionics was bought out by Bosch 15 or 20 years ago. I wonder why they still use the Radionics brand.

I thought Radionics was a Honeywell subsidiary.

Well anyways, today at the Wal-Mart in our city we went to, which has Wheelock AS horn/strobes and Radionics metal T-bars, one of them had its Stopper II partially lifted a bit. I didn’t bother to close the Stopper II cause I was afraid I’d set off the sounder on the Stopper II (I saw one cause I looked underneath). Not only that, at one point a bell rang and I covered my ears in case it was a fire alarm trouble signal and the Wheelock ASs were about to go off. Luckily they didn’t. It was just a really loud back-to-school sales promo (I hate those things!)

The Wal-Mart near my grandparents’ has the same things except the following:

1.) There was at least 1 Radionics pull with no stopper cover.

2.) The AS’s were ALSO rebranded by Radionics (I saw the sticker)