Walmart, Target or Kmart

Walmart, Target or Kmart

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Walmart, Target or Kmart

I use target about the same as Walmart

I have more Walmarts around me, and they all have a larger selection and cheaper prices.

My mother goes to Target more.

The Targets tend to be nicer around here, even though all three are essentially the same thing. Our Kmarts all closed years ago.

That seems to be a trending thing. There is only one Kmart (that I know of) still open in a town close to mine, but it is considered ghetto. It is a really old Kmart with BG-10’s, a Wheelock EHS, Wheelock NS’s, and probably more! The emergency lights there are big wooden boxes with three heads on the top. Some of them has stopped working, and have Lithonia Lighting Quantum incandescent emergency lights install on the sides of them. Can you imagine a big wooden box mounted up high on a column with an emergency light on the side? lol! The old white IBM computers are also noisy. I have only been in there a couple of times trying to blow time.

Ours is older! They have 7002Ts and Gamewell Centuries.

This store probably had an upgrade since the original system! lol!

The local Kmart here is still open. However they closed their Little Caesars Pizza Station years ago.

I love Little Caesars Pizza! I wonder why they closed not enough people went there?

I think I’ve had Little Caesars once. PIZZA PIZZA.

Maybe they found a new location. Kmart is going nowhere. I’m surprised Circuit City closed down, but Kmart is still open.

That reminds me of when the Subway at my local Walmart closed down, probably because there was a Subway in the connected shopping center (literally just a few stores down), and a Subway about 10 streets down from that shopping center). Wait! I literally just now realized that the Subway in the shopping center has closed down, lol! It went from being 3 within about 10 streets, to 1. I like the remaining one the best. It’s kind of weird, because the little room that the Subway in Walmart was enclosed in is still there, but now just filled with merchandise. You can still see the disgusting residue from where the counter used to be.

Maybe but who knows what happend.

Likewise the room at my Kmart where the Little Caesar’s was in is now filled with merchandise.

K-Mart most likely kicked them out because that is what they wanted to do.

Yeah. Kmart is not doing very well. Eight Stores that are also not doing very well are Best Buy, Sears, JCPenney, Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, Game Stop, OfficeMax, and RadioShack. They are closing lots of their stores this year.

lol, I’ve heard about JCPenny. What’s funny is that my local JCPenny just redid the entire store. That store is doing well, there are always people in it.

The JCPenney in my area is in the process of remodeling the store. There are areas that are blocked off, where there are contruction workers working. They’ve taken the carpet out of many of the areas and replaced it with other types of flooring.

My JCP was the same way. It now has a nice Levi’s and Arizona jean section, along with a lot of other new women sections that I don’t care about. There is other stuff that I don’t really pay attention to. There is also a Sephora built in the center of the store now. The place is now very modern and appealing. JCP used to be so boring and empty, now it is busy and cool. I won’t be going to Tilly’s anymore!

Does the store have any carpet left? My JCPenney has gotten rid of the carpet in some areas and replaced it with other types of flooring. I wonder if they will get rid of all the carpet.

Haha, No carpet for you. :lol: