Here is a stupid topic, but there hasn’t been a post in this section for a while so I wanted to keep this forum going. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yesterday my girlfriend asked me why I wear my watch with the buckle side on the top of my wrist. I have been wearing it like that since I was 16, and I’m 23 now. We have been going out for several years and she never asked me about that until now. I guess I started wearing it like that because I thought it looked cool, just like why I wore my hat the way I did. I still wear my watch with the buckle on top out of habit, and I guess I still think it is cool.
I usually wore a regular dial face watch with a leather band, but a couple years ago I got an old plastic Swatch (the ones that were popular in the 80’s, before I was born). I have been switching off between the two, but either one I always wear it with the buckle side on the top of the wrist.
Does anyone else do that or know anyone that does, any particular reason for it?
Since my girlfriend mentioned it I asked her what she thinks of it, and she said she thinks it looks dorky :frowning: for a guy to do that, although she did say she thought it was cool at first. She said its cool for a girl to wear a watch that way since Kristen Stewart wore her watch that way.

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I know this was a stupid topic, but I seen the topic of “how you wear your watch” posted on other forums I visit in the “misc. posts” type of section. So I thought I’ll make a post here.

Why not rename the topic to “What watch do you have?” I can do that for you if you want.

It was more about how I wear my watch with the buckle side on top (any comments about that), not necessarily the specific brand. But I guess comments about brands can be discussed too.


Here’s some more on my stupid topic :stuck_out_tongue: .
A few years ago my girlfriend’s mom gave me a used plastic Swatch watch from around 1990.
She seen how I wear my watch buckle side on top, she said back then a lot of kids wore a Swatch watch that way, so she gave me that watch. So I have been wearing that Swatch watch ever since, buckle side on the top of the wrist of course.
From what I found out older people who were in the military wore watches that way (they used to do that for some tactical reason). And around 1990 lots of teenagers (especially preppy types) wore their Swatch watches like that (as my girlfriend’s mom said), but some of them wore other watches the regular way. I guess it was a statement of coolness back then, but that trend lasted just a few years. Maybe it was like kids now wearing their hat to the side (I used to wear my hat to the side all the time, I still do sometimes).


Here’s yet some more…

I was watching the movie “American Pie” and noticed one of the kids in the movie (Kevin, played by Thomas Ian Nichols) wore his watch the way I do. He wore it like that in American Pie 2 also. I wonder if that’s just how he wears it or if the producers had him wear it that way.

And another story…

My girlfriend is a student teacher (assistant teacher) for a 4th grade class. The students have been writing to a 19 year old kid from the area who’s in the military. The kid was back in town for a few weeks so he wanted to visit the class, he visited with class for a few hours. My girlfriend seen that he wore his watch like I do, she asked him if its a military thing, he said some people in the military wear it like that but he does it just for looks, he wears a snap-back hat backwards with the plastic strap on the front of his head, so he likes the way the watch looks with the buckle on the top of his wrist.