Weather Woes Vol. 3

Wow, volume 3! I never thought we’d reach this point!

Well, the smoke did make it down here for a while, it was worse near the cape. There was enough smoke that it looked ver hazy around here. The smell reminded me of wood stove with a mix of insense.

The entire coast had it bad most of the day today. I live right on the coast the public beach in view of my house was pretty empty for a Memorial day weekend, I opted for spending most of the day inside as well… To bad it was a really nice day.

It’s really hazy up in Boston and there was a definite burning smell.

Spend the day in the city?

It was a bit thick on the southern coast of maine where I am… It looked like fog but was obviously smoke.

I actually kinda liked the smell of the burning wood.

For those in the Boston area that are 18+ but say under 30? Would you ever consider getting a group together at say the Prudential? You could do a lunch or dinner sorta thing or just chill for a bit… Just a thought.

I can still smell the smoke, infact, it seems to come in waves. As far as plans for the Pru, sounds good, but I’m too damn lazy to go out to Boston :stuck_out_tongue: . Not to say I wouldn’t consider it though.

Lazy hu? :slight_smile: I feel that way every time I wake up…

You could possibly train it into North or South station and make the appropriate connections to the Prudential (There is a green line stop there for those unaware)

I think it would be a fun afternoon on a weekend or something but I understand if people are not interested.

We had some large thunderstroms come through last night. It was late, about 2 A.M. Starting at about 1 in the morning I could see the lightning from the storms, even though they were all the out past Springfield. Then about an hour later the lightning and thunder was right overhead and we had some good downpours.

I thought I heard thunder last night…

Re Prudential: I prefer to keep my online and offline lives separate. Plus I’m not in Boston very often.

We had some thunder and lightning, but it was from a storm in a different county. We did eventually get hit, but it was just with some light rain. Right now we have some storms in the area, but for the most part, they’re concentrated in areas south of Albany.

Looking at some possible severe weather today. I’m sure you must be familiar with Greg Forbes’ TorCon. He gave Mass. a 3/10 today. I’m not so shocked at seeing the number as I am the fact that he included Mass. as one of the TorCon statistics. Usually he just focuses on the midwest and planes states.

We’re warm and humid here, but the front has advanced too far for any storms to pop up where I am. Areas south and east of Albany are under a severe t-storm watch.

Well that was genuinly dissappointing. Practically nothing at all. A storm passed overhead, but little more than a sprinkle and one rumble of thunder. No severe weather in Mass. as far as I could see. I think that one factor was not added into the equation today: There was no boundary between warm and cooler air. The onlt thing about that cold front was a separation between humid air and slightly less humid air.

I’m under a TORNADO WATCH! Smack dab in the middle of it! Lots of events going on today, hopefully it doesn’t turn out for the worst…

Me too! I really don’t like the idea that tornados are possible, but the conditions seem to be favorable. At about 2:15 in the morning we had a thunderstorm come through that was very powerful. I could see it even when it was out near Springfield, that’s about 50 miles west of where I am. The lightning was constant, just flash afetr flash with seemingly no pause. I had my fingers crossed that it would pass to the north or south and it did indeed just miss us. I was afraid that with that much lightning, the chances of our home being struck would be considerably greater.

I was in a casino when that storm rolled through - I never even knew! Another strong one rolled in around 4:30 - I didn’t get to sleep until 7 AM!

A few decent sized storms went to the south of me a few hours ago. The tornado watch is still in effect until 10:00 P.M. but looking at the radar and even the sky outside…I’d be surprised if even another thunderstorm were to occur. I just see a lot of high whispy clouds, what a dissapointment…AGAIN!

We dodged two of them. One went slightly to our north, the next one went slightly to our south (both times all we got were sprinkles), the rest all went south and we never got anything after that.