What alarm do you have at work/school

Don’t know if this topic got moved over here yet but what alarm(s) do you currently have at your workplace/school? Here’s the ones at my new high school that was just completed last month.
http://www.fire-safety-security.com/Showcase/Genesis-horn_strobe.jpg those are in the staff washrooms and theres about 5 staff washrooms per floor, so there’s over 15 of these. There’s probebly more in some other hidden places I didn’t discover. By the way red not white.
http://www.fire-safety-security.com/Showcase/25MARCH/Speaker.jpg Those are everywhere else in the school, in every single room they have atleast 1, most with strobes but alot of the regular classrooms are without strobes.
And yeah there red not white. They make a low pitch tone that goes boop -boop boop boop* - boop boop boop etc. Sounds like a truck backing up.

I believe there both Edwards Genesis EST’s

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In the hallways in my school, we have these:

(picture from weatherdan’s site)

And in the classrooms, we have wheelock RSS’s

The speakers do three slow whoops and a voice message

Whoooooooooooooop! Whooooooooooooop! whoooooooooooooop!


May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please, A fire
emergency has been reported in the building. Please use the stairway and exit the building, do NOT use the elevators

Whoooooooooooooooop! Whoooooooooooooop! Whoooooooooooooop!

pause and repeat

EVERYTHING you’d want to know about ALL of my school’s fire alarms. Sadly, I was more terrified of fire alarms in ES than interested (infact, I wasn’t interested at all - just terrified), so all I have of that is the sound clip, however, the pull pictured for the sound clip is the actual pulls in the building (though, the pull I have didn’t come from that particular building), and the bell is an IBM 6", which were used for both the fire alarm and regular school bells, HOWEVER, the bells are NOT single-stroke - they are vibrating bells, but for some reason, they did single-stroke for the fire alarm.

Also, I do have SOME clips of college fire alarms, but you have to view the stories in order to get them. But simply put, I think all of the buildings that have the voice evac, have that same voice evac message (after the message it does continuous slow whoop until silenced), and all of the buildings that have horn/strobes do code-3, and as you can see, the only exception is the campus center addition with the bell/strobes, where they do continuous, and the reason for that is, before UAlbany upgraded to what you see in 2001, the previous alarm signals were bells, and odds are, they just did continuous, so that’s what they programmed the campus center addition for. IDK why that didn’t get upgraded w/ the rest of the building, however, it does seem like they treat the addition like a totally seperate building, even though it isn’t - even the alarm systems aren’t interconnected…

At Massasoit Community College, my campus has two sets of buildings: five of them from 1972, and five of them from 1978. The 1972 buildings mostly have these really old Standard Electric Time Co. fire alarms…

…and these pulls.

The Technology and Science buildings have Faraday Firewatch panels, and the Business building has a Fire-Lite panel, but the original horn/lights and pulls remain in the S and B buildings. The T building got an upgrade recently

Also, two of the 1978 buildings (the Liberal Arts and Humanities buildings) had to get their fire alarm systems totally replaced due to the old one malfunctioning. This system is linked between the two buildings. It features these SpaceAge Electronics VA4 horn/strobes…

…as well as addressable Faraday Chevron pull stations.

More on this later, since the other three buildings have some old Simplex fire alarms.

My school has CP U-HNHs in the Main building in Halls, Library, Gym, Aud., Caf and huge rooms. Otherwise there is Strobe Onlys in classrooms and bathrooms. The “North gym” which is newer is all Faraday U HNH Horns, even in the bathrooms! Pull stations in all buildings are Faraday and there are two unknown smoke types. Alarms do code 3

EST 3 System with Genesis Speaker/Strobes in Major areas and EST Strobes in most common areas as well as the cone shaped Smoke detectors and Dual Action EST pulls

Silvercity Riverport has a Edwards system Here is a list of the components



Pull stations

Siga 270P


(branded as General Signal)


22Edwards 202 5A

1 System Sensor Spectra alert

announciator panel

EST 1577

Smoke detectors

(Some are white and some are black, Yes they came with black housing)

I recently aquired a pull station from work the went out of service because of the GA key breaking off while the GA key switch in the pull station was being tested.

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I know, so I’m only going to describe my school’s fire alarms ONCE, so everyone’d better listen up…

The Field House building has all SAE horn/strobes…

…as well as Simplex 4251 T-bar pulls.

(They’ve been labeled for each zone.)

The Fine Arts building also has several of those new HORN/strobes, but unlike most of the other 1978 buildings, it still has some of the old fire alarm NAs intact! They are the widely-discussed-on-this-forum Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 retrofit light plates.

They’re being replaced with the new SAE horn/strobes because they aren’t up to code, like in the Humanities and Liberal Arts buildings.

I also forgot to add that many of the Simplex T-bars have Stopper II covers over them, without the sounders.

In my Middle School:
Simplex 4903-9422’s
Simplex Remote Strobe (4903’s)
Simplex Dual Action Pull Stations
Simplex Smoke Detectors (UNKNOWN MODEL)
and Simplex Panel (UNKNOWN MODEL)

In my Elementary School:
Wheelock MT Horn/Strobes (in hallways, gym, cafeteria, and office)
Wheelock MIZ Horn/Strobes (in classrooms, and other small rooms)
Wheelock RS Strobes (small offices, and storage rooms)
BG 10 Pullstation (made by Notifier, not Fire Lite)
And an Unknown Notifier Panel.

At college we have…

Health Center…

– Grinnell system
– Wheelock AS and RSS signals
– Grinnell T-bar pulls

Faculty Building…

– Grinnell system
– Wheelock AS and RSS signals
– Grinnell T-bar pulls

Main Building…

– Grinnell System
– Simplex 9838 horns on 2901 strobe plates, Simplex 9806 horns on 2903 strobe plates, two Simplex 4903-9405’s, Edwards Integrities, Wheelock AS and RSS signals, and Wheelock MT horns on RSS strobe plates.
– Simplex T-bar pulls, Grinnell T-bar pulls, Edwards classic pulls

South Building…

– Kidde System
– Wheelock 7002T’s, Wheelock NS and RSS signals, Edwards integrities, and one new Siemens remote strobe.
– Kidde pulls

Security Building…

– Pyrotronics System
– Pyrotronics HDC-24 horns on SAE red light plates.
– Pyrotronics MS-51 pulls

Other classroom buildings…

– Edwards system
– Federal Signal Vibratone 350’s with strobes
– Edwards classic “local alarm” pulls

I doubt that SAE light plate holds an HDC-24 fire alarm. It might contain a Federal Signal Vibratone or a Simplex horn or even one of SAE’s own horns. Try to get a better look at it.

I think it was the -9838. Thanks!

The SAE light plate does hold the HDC-24 horn. It is exactly the same as Ben Schumin’s SAE unit. I’ve seen those SAE light plates with a variety of horns from Federal Signal to even Wheelock 34-T units. That particular security building is pretty small and there are only 2 of those SAE horn/lights inside.

Elementary School:

  1. 2 Gentex GMS’s in two small room alcoves of the school. The first alcove was originally a classroom so they set them up in there because that alcove was behind the library and the sound didn’t carry over into the room. The first alcove was a classroom before it was turned into an Art/Music room then it became an ESL room. I only heard the drill i their once for firs grade and it sounded whistle-like. The other room that had it was originally a special ed room, but now nobody uses it.

  2. These are not a panel, but instead it is a white box that has two lights on the top of them when there is smoke it has the lights come on. We had a few of these scattered around.

  3. The main alarm of the school was the Simplex -9129 alarm system that were everywhere in the school out in the hallways. They each sounded different. The bottom floor sounded the lowest, middle floor sounded normal and the top floor sounded high.

  4. 1 Wheelock AS-24-15 in a room that used to be a cafeteria cooking room but was converted into a classroom, an Enrichment, OT/PT room and a classroom again. It might have been an older one because I swear it was on Code-3. The only alarm in the school that did Code-3.

  5. In each of the bathrooms, we had a Simplex 4904-9138 alarm in there that I was afraid would sound while I was using the bathroom. Only when I joined this site just NOW I realize it was only a strobe. I spent most of the Grade in panic attacks because I didn’t want to go into the bathroom. There was also on in the Nurse’s bathroom and the Kindergarten Bathroom (which I never figured out why they got a bathroom <_<).

  6. In the Gym and in the Elevator room, we had Simplex 2901-9838s in there that I was only in the Gym to hear them 3 times. Once in 2nd Grade, once in 5th Grade and once in the 6th Grade when I was coming in from APE. The one in the elevator room I’m not sure works, but there is another one outside the gym that definitely doesn’t go off. I heard the Gym alarms a couple of times because my 4th and 5th Grade exit routes had me going out next to the gym entrance.

I’ll do Junior High and High School later.

Wow, that sounds pretty interesting!

The city hall in my town has the SAE light plates, and from the looks of it, they contain the SAE horns (they resemble Simplex 2901-9806s).

Well, Junior High is the easiest alarm of all to name. We only had just one simple system set up. The horns were Simplex 4050 horns with the 4050-80 light plates that say “FIRE” on the lens in black lettering. That’s why I am so interested in it all of a sudden. I would like to see a horn that has a red grill and retrofit plate on it though.

7002T here has a Simplex 4050 horn on a 2903 light plate. Hope that helps a bit.

Anyways, I’m guessing since your junior high school had the 4050-80s, they probably also had the Simplex T-bar pull stations! (might be the break-glass ones, but I’m not sure)

Actually. They don’t have the break-glass T-Bar stations. They had an Edwards 270-SPO pull-station or something that looked like that.

Wow. I remember at the Davis Elementary School, a couple of classic Edwards pulls were used with the 4050-80s, but the rest were break-glass pulls. As far as I know, most places to use the Simplex 4050-80s usually have Simplex T-bar pulls.