What alarm do you have at work/school

Davis Elementary School? I go to a Davis over here, but it is a Vocational Education school and a High School.

Yes, it’s the Edgar B. Davis School. It used to be grades K-6, but now it’s a K-8 school.

This was one of the first places I’ve ever seen the Simplex 4050-80s, as well as the break-glass Simplex T-bars. That school also has the LOUDEST school bells I’ve ever heard!

Before we get off-topic, is there anyway you can record a drill done there for me? I would like to hear the 4050-80 along with the Cerberus alarm if it isn’t too much.

I don’t think I can record a fire drill there. Besides, the “Cerberus” fire alarms are probably either Simplex 4051s with the SAE retrofits or either SAE horn/lights.

But if it ever happens, I CAN try and record a Simplex 4051 horn going off at my college. I think they are in continuous tone there, while the Davis had it in an older-style Temporal code with 1-second blasts. It depends on the panel.

That’d be the Wheelock MT-24 set to continuous horn. We have a large Notifier panel in the basement and 3 remote panels throughout the building. We have Notifier pull stations. Oh…we have 2 lone Wheelock NS set to code 3. One in the mailroom and one in the large conference room.

Davis Vocational Education High School:

  1. The alarms that we have the most of are Simplex -9838s that are scattered everywhere throughout the school. The Cafetorium, Administration, Health Office, Social Workers Office, Kitchen, Guest Dining Room, Auto, Carpentry, Electrical, Teen Center, Guidance, Electronics, Gym, Locker Rooms, Cosmetology, Tech Works, Library and Machine Shops. In addition to that, we have some in the hallways also.

  2. What appears to be Cerberus Pyrotronics HDC-24C Horns but I can never get a good look at them. Most of them are hung from the ceilings like the one near Graphics and Electronics, Guidance, Freshman Wing has a ton of them, and we have two that are attached to the walls. One in the Assessment Center and one outside the Cosmo Theory room. They were the old systems and they are off-line so I’m trying to see if I can get them turned back on or replaced.

  3. Simplex -9219s which are in the Bio Tech Lab hallway. I want to see how they sound so I can be sure they are -9219s. There is also one in the Aquacultures Hydroponics Center because it is also a classroom.

  4. In the Modular Building, these alarms are off-line also, so I want to get them turned back on. They are Edwards 892-2B Fire Alarm Horn/Strobes and they are only exclusive to that building.

  5. One System Sensor P1215 in the Lecture Hall that replaced a HDC-24 once there. The back box is still there, they just attached it over the box.

  6. One Wheelock AS-24-110 that is possibly the only Code-3 alarm in the school on the outside of the Aquacultures Hydroponics Center. I only hear it twice.

    And there you have it, my High School set-up. Any questions? :stuck_out_tongue: :o

Similar to those HDC-24S, my city hall uses SpaceAge Electronics horns with those retrofit light plates. I am pretty sure they are SAE horns because I saw the newer Vibratone-style grille through the “generic” 4050-style grille of the light plate. They were too up high, though, so I am not sure.

I am pretty sure your high school’s older system, if they have those retrofit plates, they are most likely SpaceAge Electronics horns. I know that those retrofits can be used with almost any kind of fire alarm horn. One member even saw one with a Wheelock 34T-24 horn!

That’s why I’m hoping I can have them turn them back so I can hear the sound.

Don’t remember/know what kind of fire alarms my elementary and middle schools had, but our high school has Wheelock NS’s…and there is one in every room in the building, except for some bathrooms and my math class, which only have strobes

Well with the new school year vastly approaching i figured it would be time to dig this topic up and see what alarms you face going into school. For me, this is my 2nd year at Topeka High and we have CP U-HNHs in the halls and U HNH Strobes in the classrooms and restrooms, as well as the office areas. Those of you entering High School or College what kind of alarms do they have?

TrueAlerts. Simplex 4100U system.

We’re getting updated over here. They are adding a new wing.

HDC-24 Horns=New CP U-MMT horns in continuous. Every single CP HDC horn is getting replaced with the new U-MMTs (the one with “FIRE” under the grill.) The new wing is getting these too.

The bathrooms are getting TrueAlerts in continuous.

I thought CP was now called Siemens? :?:

I don;t know much about it, but I do know is that we are saying goodbye to the HDC horns and hello to the new U-MMT horns.

Ask them to save a HDC-24 horn for you, either with the light plate or not.

Back to the post’s topic, here are the fire alarms at the schools I have been to.

Elementary School (k-6th)

-Wheelock AS’s in most of the portable classrooms doing code-3 by the NA

-In the hallways are unknown horns- they are probably electromechs. They have side projector cones on them. I will get picts ASAP. Also, they emit a high-pitched whine or wail in continuous- a bit like the MASS in 800Hz. Here is an example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdYF60K1v8o except in continuous.

-Outside of one of the portables, the YMCA one, was what sounded like a 10" Simplex fire bell.

-In the old Multi-Use Room, there were RSS strobes. The classroom attached to it was my 6th grade class. It had a 7002T. However, the building was torn down, and the horn is lost forever. A new MUR was constucted, but I was out of elementary school before I got to go in it.

-There is either a vertical AS or a Simplex 4903-9237 in the computer lab- I can’t remember which.

-There were Wheelock outdoor horns- model HS.

-Last but certainly not least- there was a PA400R in one of the portables. I went to fourth grade in that room.

Here is a simulation of the outside of my elementary school.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://media.putfile.com/Simulation-of- … fire-drill”>http://media.putfile.com/Simulation-of-elementary-fire-drill</LINK_TEXT>

Junior High (7-8th)

-There were mostly vertical AS’s in most classrooms, except for a few, that had horizontal, new AS’s.

-There were Wheelock outdoor horns- model HS.

High School (9-12th) (I am going into 10th grade)

-Same deal as in Junior High

Well, my father teaches at a school so would you mind if I posted the alarms there?

Sounds fine to me

My father’s school is set up like this:

  1. Simplex 9422s in the hallways of the school

  2. The newer SpaceAge Electronics alarms in each of the rooms that hold different itinerants. (Technical Drawing, Art, Music, Woodworking, Cooking, Spanish, Sewing, & Health) (They formerly held old Gentex alarms. Not sure which ones though.)

  3. Wheelock ASs in both of the computer rooms

  4. EST Genesis’s in the Special Needs Classrooms

  5. We then have 9129s in the portable classrooms

  6. Simplex -9846’s in the locker rooms, gym, cafeteria, lecture hall, ect.

  7. Wheelock MIZ horns in the rooms that are twice the size of the other rooms

We are getting a new system soon. The real estate director said that we have to update since they are going to sell the building and lease it back. He said will “most likely” be voice evac system since the building is a call center. I will miss the MTs.