What alarm do you have at work/school

UPDATE: I’ve now had time to snoop around the building and get a good feel of the school and the systems. The original system was Standard Electric Time, as there are a few old 4-350 horns still on the walls, semi-flush mount, long disconnected. The addition and renovated portions opened Fall 2000, and the EST2 was installed then. However, the EST2 glitched out, so there’s been an upgrade and it was just completed last Friday. PA system is still Valcom and that won’t change anytime soon, as this district is using Valcom PA systems exclusively.

New Panel
EST4. Yes, the all-new EST4. Red enclosure, installed where the EST2 was in the main office. The remote annunciators were replaced with EST4 annunciators in the metallic bronze annunciator enclosures.

Field Devices
All of the existing SIGA and Genesis devices are still intact, and the Genesis’ WORK :grimacing:. Candela ratings (and model numbers because they’re fixed candela signals) vary based on signal location. There are at least three EG1RF-HDVM horn/strobes replacing defective units. The mobile units all have SIGA-PS smoke detectors and a mixture of Genesis EG1 and Integrity 757 horn/strobes.

So my city, a small community has everything botch standard and the same. New community Buildings, Schools, and any city owned property will have a system of Gentex Commander 3s with National Time metal “T” Bars and Gamewell smoke detectors. The panel and annunciator is also National Time branded as well with the clocks around the buildings if there is the desire for them. So anyways, My elementary school, built in 2003 has the system of said Gentex Commander 3s and National Time Pull Stations and Gamewell Smoke Detectors and National Time Panel. That’s where my fascination grew with Fire Alarms. In Middle School, Built in 1958 and at the time of this post is being demolished, had a system of EST Genesis and Edwards 270SPOs but very little amounts of smoke detectors. The smoke detectors are EST ones and in some places had some really old looking ones. I could not tell what they were but they were really old looking ones like from 70s or 80s. It looked as if it were from that age. There was also an EST Integrity in the outdoor courtyard. Its the only Integrity in the whole building. I’ve never heard it, seen it go off and the colour has faded and the strobe has fogged brown. And obviously, this system replaced an old one beforehand. The School used to have Bells. Not sure about the pull stations as the 270SPOs all had the newer Edwards logo on them. Some of the Bells still remain in the building and on the outside in cages. But they don’t work. As they were building the new school. I did see part of the new system. They had the Metal National Time “T” Bars and surprisingly, One of those Gentex Speaker Strobes implying that they might have Voice Evac? Going into High School, Things aren’t as interesting. Built in 1999, It has a system of Gentex Commander 3s and National Time Metal “T” Bars. But they do have Gentex Commander 4s. There’s one there missing a cover and I see it every time I’m there which is soon to be everyday sometime? I do wanna try if I can snatch some goodies from the old Middle School as they are still keeping part of it and it is not fully gone…Yet. Its always a school that is 50+ years old that has to go. The city let that old building rot away and never did repairs to it. They did not even do asbestos removal when the building was in service all these years. The staff and the people in there were also shady and mean. But they did once let me press the button for the drill once.

The upgrade at my university’s library is complete. I went back this week and noticed that the MXL has been removed. Surprisingly, the first three cabinets of the 4208 are also gone. This leads me to believe that the 4208 may have remained partially active when the MXL was in service.

I also got a photo of one of the new system’s Genesis horn/strobes. I didn’t know Edwards offers these devices with bilingual lettering (although I miss the “running man” pictogram on the xenon Genesis devices).

My school has a 4100ES with Addressable dual action and single action T-bars.

The school was added onto in the 80’s and everything was replaced to 2901-9333’s on 4903 horizontal strobes mounted on retrofit plates. Bathrooms had 6 inch Faraday bells on retrofit plates. The older part was renovated in 2014 and the devices were replaced with Newer T-Bars, RSSP’s with 493D’s, and my school has way to many notification appliance spots so the installers ran out of RSSP’s and had to put 6 inch backboxes on the retrofit plates to allow for the 439D’s to be mounted.

Fire Drill: School Fire Drill #1 - YouTube

Alright, I’ve done my research and FINALLY as i’ve strengthened out my fire alarm knowledge I can safely say exactly what fire alarms are in my Elementary - High ! Lets go! (letters in front of school names represent the district) also sorry for blocks of text

“A” Elementary - This school has a Simplex 4002 system with 4903-9219 horn/strobes in all areas of the campus. This does include small one-off offices and BATHROOMS!!! excluding newer additions and renovations which have early Simplex TrueAlerts (same grille, design, and logo, but no name branding). These alarms are original to the building and have not been replaced, side for maybe some horns getting replaced by 4906s. Smoke detectors are 2098 series and pulls are 2099 duel action, however it wouldn’t surprise me if TrueAlarms and 4099s are in some areas.

“A” Intermediate - This campus actually connects to the elementary! Devices are similar to “A” Elementary except this time newer TrueAlerts, TrueAlarms, and 4099 duels are original to the building. Weirdly enough the installation is as sparse as the previous building even though it was built about 5-10 years later. The Panel is likely a 4100U, for primary schools both buildings are massive. Will say, the installers were nicer so some classrooms, bathrooms and smaller spaces get remote strobes.

“A” Junior High now - Alright, time for a History lesson… but not yet! Currently the school has a newer Silent Knight System with Gentex Commander 3 and 4 horn/strobes, with the latter being more common, even in the gymnasiums! Initiator-wise, pulls are Duel Action RSGs and smoke detectors are actually a mix between newer Silent Knight SD-505s and older Edwards 5600 heats. Unfortunately, these alarms aren’t original to the system. But these ones are.

“A” Junior High then - the system was ancient as it was Edwards. fire alarms were mostly Gentex GMS horn/strobes in the hallways, locker rooms, and cafeteria, though some mightve been SHGs. GX-90 minihorn/strobes were everywhere else. In some parts of the building, there were Commander 1 horn/strobes, Commander 3 horn/strobes and strobes could be found in a study area off the library. In specific unrenovated areas of the building and other unfortunate spaces, there housed Federal Signal 450D horns with VALS strobe covers. Yes, this was basically Simplex -9806 horns in tiny classrooms. And last, but not Least, one SAE horn/strobe plate with a red light could be found ironically by the room with the newer Commander 3s. It actually took me a few years to remember what that large rectangular device was on the wall by my locker until i found a pic LOL. Anyways, initiating devices were really old Edwards heat and smoke detectors, along with the 5600s i mentioned above, and pulls were rustier RSGs, though they were single action. (Sad news: all of these devices are gone…)

“B” Junior High - I didn’t go to this school although we did take a field trip here for a band performance. From what I remember, there were vertical 4903s, horizontal 4903s, and TrueAlerts. Cannot recall for the life of me what the initiating devices were but they were probably older Simplex. However nowadays as I saw them pop up on facebook, there’s Wheelock E90 red speaker/strobes around, with E70s in the gym. yes it was the same school (scoreboard and colors around the building). Initiating devices are probably a Honeywell brand, so BG-12s and SD-355s (maybe -365s?)

“C” High now - This school has two buildings: A West building and an East building. Neither of these systems are original so that means I’ll have to talk about this place twice.
Right, so for the West building there is a Siemens Firefinder controlling everything. Most of the building has Siemens ZH-MC-CRs around, though in certain areas there’s wall mounts as well. Around the gym wing, there were some leftover devices i’ll talk about later, but they were all taken out the year before quarantine. Initiating devices are all OP121 smoke detectors with a couple newer generation FirePrints (thicker grille) on high ceilings and art/cooking rooms. Pulls are all MSM-K single action stations. All outdoor alarms are rebranded ASWPs.
For the other building, the same exact Firefinder type system was installed, though the devices are just a tad different. As it was 2018 when they were replaced, code now specified at least voice evac be required in educational buildings. Though, “C” High took it a step further. Devices are, and this is a mouthful, "SET-CMC-CW-MNS-ALR"s. Basically the Wheelock E90 but white, clear strobe, and ALERT lettering instead of fire. In some parts of the building there are wall mounts, though they are much rarer than any wall mounting in the west building. You can also find remote speakers in the hallways with the SETs in a patternlike installation. Pool, locker rooms, and the rooftop classes had the weatherproof version of the SET (both wall and ceiling mount, ALERT lettering). For initiating devices, pulls are also MSM-Ks, though smoke detectors are both OP121 in front of fire doors & OOHCs everywhere else, which do both smoke and carbon monoxide detection allowing mass notification. (tone is continuous followed by CO message as apposed to code-3).

“C” High then - As I said, both buildings’ current systems arent original, so now i have to talk about what was.
Starting with the West building, the main alarm was the Cerberus Pyrotronics MTL horn/strobe. They were really only found in the hallways, cus the installers were super strobe-happy and put S15-S’s everywhere else, including side hallways and the entirety of the old cafeteria. Yeah… LOL, you had to be in a bad spot to get your ears blasted. The secondmost common alarm was the U-MMT, which was located in the commons areas, though some MCS strobes were found in one-off rooms and an entire wing of classes. The third most common alarm was the Siemens AS, which called home to a MASSIVE learning center in the middle of campus. Its strobe counterpart was the early ZR series. Replacement alarms for all types were the HS series (horizontal strobe one-tone MTs) and ZHs though they were only wallmounts. Some desolate areas in the school had Pyr-A-Larm HDC-24Cs, which unless there were any bells mightve been the original alarms of the building. At least 8 of them were still active before the switch to a FireFinder, based on the lack of MTL backboxes in some hallways. And finally i’m gonna assume this was a cheap renovation, but the main gym (aka the Sports Center) had SpectrAlert Classic horn/strobes and strobes. Dunno why, since everything else was CP and Siemens, but I’m assuming budget had a play in that. so, that tallies to AT LEAST 10 different notification device types in the building, wow. Pull stations were mostly MS-51s rebranded by likely every stage of CP and Siemens, and smoke detectors were probably everything in the catalouge, especially DI-series and older FirePrints. Panels probably an old CP judging by an outdated annunciator that still stood by the front desk.
Going over to the East Building, everything switches back to simplex (panel was 4100 series but idk what it was). Most devices were 2901-9846s on 4903-9105 strobe plates that smelled really bad when they went off LOL. Classrooms had 4904-9105s. Other half of the building Had TrueAlert horn/strobes and strobes, along with very little Wheelock Exceders. Replacement devices were a 4901 box horn with a new TrueAlert sounding piezo and a -9845. In the locker rooms, there were Wheelock weatherproof MTs, however they kept the -9846/9105 horn/strobes and -9105 remote strobes in the pool room for some reason, and none of them looked really good :confused: . Initiating devices were all TrueAlarms, though considering some of the Pull stations were 2099s i’ll bet either there was no smoke detection before or they were 2098s, since there was very little fire detection before the system change.

so thats everything! i’ll update if anything from these systems change. right now i’m betting my high school’s west building might flip to mass notification in a year or two since theres a lot of work going on to fix some mechanical issues with the building in general. see you guys soon!

I currently have at my school a simplex system with Simplex push and pull tbar’s. (I do not know the model.) The NA’s are Wheelock Ns Horn strobes and a Gentex GOS in the band room. There are also vibrating bells outside the school.

Fun fact: We had a fire drill today so I got to see this system in action. The NA’s are set to code-3 and the bells are set to continuous.

I have seen Gent smoke detector/fire alarm combos at my school.

So I’ve been keeping an eye on a few fire systems in my area, as they are rare and would love to preserve the system if it’s replaced. The one school near me, I found out still has the Edwards 333-D 10" fire bells, and what I thought an old Edwards panel. The one day I was walking by during the weekend and decided to take a peek. Well, I was saddened when I saw an EST annunciator, for a EST 2 or 3, in place of what looked like an older Edwards. But then, to my utter shock, I saw from another window, a 10" 333-D still in place! With the rest of these schools and said EST panels, they have long replaced the single stroke bells with the Genesis Horn/Strobes. So I’m curious to why they still kept the single stroke bells in place, while replacing the panel. Has anyone else ever seen an odd combination like that?

Panel Type: Notifier Onyx 3030 (Custom)

My school utilizes an ECS/MNS alarm system, which is actually safer than traditional fire alarms. In response to the tragedy that happened in Parkland, FL where the gunman utilized the buildings fire alarm system to incite panic and to lure people into his path, my district changed the fire drill procedures. When the fire alarm or building alarm system is activated, we remain in our classrooms or where we are at until we hear a commencement message. My district is in the process of upgrading every school to an ECS/MNS alarm system and my school was part of that upgrade.

The alarms at my school say “ALERT” on the side of them instead of “FIRE,” something that is not really common in schools. An alarm system like the one my district is implementing in every school is one that has been recommended by the NFPA, military, and Department of Homeland Security since around 2008, I believe. If you read the official NFPA 72, it even states that an ECS/ MNS has been recommended for use in schools for a long time, yet many of our schools are stuck with traditional fire alarm systems.

We have a voice evacuation system at my school and it’s actually really cool. When the building alarm system is activated, the A/C shuts off and fire doors close (standard) and then we hear a tone two times. That is followed by a standby message (without all the long pauses). Then it’s just looped.

To evacuate, the Principal or Principal’s designee utilizes the building intercom system or, as of the last fire drill, the building alarm system (what they call our fire alarm system now) and speak through our alarms with the commencement message: Faculty, Staff & Students this is a fire drill (slight pause), fire drill. (x2) Commence evacuation. We have to hear the words fire drill repeated twice in order to evacuate.

We are typically notified the day of when there is a fire drill. Our fire drills are determined by the district once a month and occur at a random time. The last fire drill we had occurred at 11:13AM.

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get down to the alarm pictures we all like and love. My district’s first choice for new fire alarm systems is Notifier, EST being the 2nd and only substitution for Notifier. We typically do wall speaker-strobe / wall strobe installs, though wall strobe / ceiling-speaker installs are becoming fairly common throughout my district. The following are the alarms that are at my school:

  1. Exterior Alarms


  1. Interior Alarms
    These alarms are utilized in the locker room bathroom of my school’s new gym that was built six months ago.

These alarms are utilized where possible inside of my school. We also have these in our school gym without those fancy fire alarm covers, though other schools in my district have those covers on their alarms in their gyms so idk…
Here is an alarm with a custom plate; this is in a really tiny room:

New building alarm system next to the old fire alarm system; this was when they were installing the new fire alarms; the old one’s are now gone :slight_smile: :

Other pics I took:

We have a lot of strobes too since an ECS/MNS requires them in certain areas per NFPA 72. They look really cute.


Wow what a long post LMAO. Anyway, enjoy!

Obsessed with these systems. I’ve noticed theres a lot of schools / colleges around the country that are utilizing Mass Notification systems; Including my high school which has Siemens rebrand of Wheelock E90s, plus my elementary/intermediate school replaced their -9219s and TrueAlerts with TrueAlert ES Speakers & Speaker/Strobes’. Most are ceiling devices with ALERT lettering tho, even in the gyms.

Been slowly but surely documenting the alarm systems on my campus… I’ll continue to post as I get more pictures, but this is what I have so far…

Ag. Bldg.
FACP: Gamewell FCI 7100 (and LCD-7100 anunciator)
A/V’s: IBM 6" gray bells (disconnected), Wheelock Exceeders, Wheelock ZNS’s
ID’s: Gamwell FCI rebranded BG-12’s

Details: Built 1958

ABNR Bldg.
FACP: FCI 7200 (and KDU anunciator)
A/V’s: Wheelock MT-24-LSM’s, Wheelock RSS’s
ID’s: FCI MS-6’s, System Sensor 2400 smoke detectors

Details: Built 1996, connected to Ag. Bldg.

Ellis Library
FACP: unknown
A/V’s: Simplex 2903 light plates with 9833 or 9806 horns, Simplex STR 6" bells (disconnected), FCI rebranded Faraday strobes, Wheelock NS’s, Wheelock RSS’s
ID’s: Simplex 4251-20’s, Gamewell FCI rebranded BG-10’s/12’s, unknown (probably system sensor) smoke detectors

Details: Original construction 1913, added on 1935, 1958,1985.


Panel: Gamewell FCI E3 Series
A/V’s: Spectralert Advance speaker strobes/ speakers, System Sensor sounder bases
ID’s: Gamewell FCI MS-6’s, rebranded BG-12’s, System Sensor 2151 smoke detectors

Details: Built 1965, renovated 2014

alarm12 alarm 11

After the Second fire drill of the year (April Fire Drill), I also noticed that there are Wheelock 7002-t’s in the cafeteria and a Simplex Truealert in the nurse’s office.

at my HS (built in 1994) in the older side we have an old Gentex system with system sensor i3’s , and at the back which was built in 2016 we have spectralert advances

I have a new update on my workplace after I noticed a couple things a while back.

First, one of the receiving rooms I often pass has a flush-mount Simplex/Standard Electric device on the wall! I suspect it may be a disconnected Federal Signal SelecTone speaker (or Simplex/Standard’s version of it) since it looks nearly identical to the speaker in one of the top-floor conference rooms. However, this one was painted over with white paint compared to the other speaker, which still has its original gray color.

Speaking of SelecTone speakers, I would like to clarify that I believe the exposed wiring boxes in each stairwell of the building where I mainly work used to have these speakers instead of the Simplex 4903-series speakers I originally mentioned. I suspect this is the case because the building opened in the early 1980s.

Those are huge trim plates the 2903s are mounted on. I’m guessing that the building originally had 10" bells flush-mounted behind grilles, or something like that, before upgrading to the Simplex 2903+9806 alarms in the 1980s.

Anyways, my college has finally been moving even further with upgrading the Liberal Arts and Humanities buildings, after being stuck with that problematic Faraday MPC-7000 system for quite a while now. Of course, they’re migrating to Notifier, but look at how they’re doing it…

The Liberal Arts building has already had new System Sensor L-series horn/strobes installed to eventually take over from the existing ones, and NBG-12LX pulls ready to go. This is somewhat unusual for the college, as traditionally they’d just install the new fire alarm devices right where the old ones were (the L-series horn/strobes on the adapter plates are replacing Space Age VA4 horn/strobes, which in turn replaced Simplex 4051+4050-80 horn/lights in 2005-2007, and the addressable Faraday dual-action pull stations had replaced the original Simplex 4251-20 pulls.)

The new Notifier FSP-951 smoke detectors have also made their debut on the campus!

Each of the two buildings is finally getting a new remote annunciator (a Notifier FDU-80, of course). When both buildings originally each had a Simplex 4207 system when built in 1978, they also had their own remote annunciators, but they were gutted and never replaced when the Faraday MPC-7000 system took over for both buildings!

The Humanities building’s FDU-80 annunciator is already active! I could see the MPC-7000 panel still active across from it, and so I’m assuming both buildings are each getting their own Notifier panel, probably an NFS-320, installed in the electrical closets where the old Simplex 4207 panels (both gutted and used for terminal wiring since the MPC-7000 came in).

Going on the trend with Notifier. My school has a Notifier system. I posted about the system on the forums but there were more stuff I didn’t even know.
The panel is a Notifier NFS2-3030 with DVC (the DVC was added in 2021 while the 3030 was installed around 2009-2011).
The A/Vs were (before the 2021 A/V replacement):
System Sensor P2Rs
System Sensor SCRs (only saw 1)
System Sensor PC2Rs (got defunct when they got rid of the original locker rooms back in 2019)
System Sensor P2RKs
System Sensor SRKs
All of the original A/Vs are gone when they decided to do a semi-upgrade (the original panel and initiating devices stayed while the A/Vs were replaced). Here’s the new devices.
System Sensor SWLs (replaced most P2Rs and SRs and used in the new wing of the school)
System Sensor SPCWLs (everywhere in the original wings of the school)
System Sensor SPSWKs (used as the outdoor devices and the main devices in the cafeteria, and gym (soon to be aluxury gym (sorry if I spelled it incorrectly)))
System Sensor SWKs (there’s 2. One inside, one outside)
System Sensor SPSWLs (used in the newer wing of the school like the new gym,band,choir,Orchestra and etc)
System Sensor SPSCWLs (used in the newer classroom wing of the school and the main alarms in the newer section of the school)
System Sensor SCWLs (only have seen one, I assume there not common)
System Sensor SPSRL (only found in the new auditorium and the only red L-Series device on the entire system)
System Sensor SRs (also found in the auditorium but it probably could be SRK. I don’t know)
System Sensor P2WL (only 1 in the entire school, there used to be 2. I doubt that that will last long before getting replaced with a SPSWL or a SWL.)
The system is pretty weird. Never thought that the system was gonna go from cookie cuter to something that’s weird and crazy. It definitely doesn’t come close to the crazy mixed systems I hear about with multiple different brands of alarms.
The initiating devices are the same.
Original devices (there still there as of 2021)
Notifier FSP-851s (found above doors and the restrooms)
Notifier FST-851s (only found in the kitchen)
Notifier NBG-12LXs (there is 4 but there used to be 7)
New devices:
Notifier FSP-951s (like the FSP-851s there mostly above doors and in the restrooms)
Notifier FST-951s (there are more heat detectors since they added a lot more)
Notifier FSP-951 with B200SR (only found in one room)
Other devices or parts on the system:
Notifier LCD-160 (located in the main entrance)
Notifier RPU (used in the main office)
That’s my school’s FA system.
My school district has been converting my School (which is Currently a middle school) in to a high School due to a bond.
I thank my School district with going voice evac because I don’t want to deal with 4 more years with advances.

oh heck, a Notifier chain. well time to add on to that LOL… ive finally been going to in-person classes again for about a week! but this time its at community college for a summer semester (one class). ive been anticipating this for a while now… so imma start laying out the full fledged fire alarm systems of each building.

Spoiler alert: They’re ALL Notifier. Idk panel model numbers but buildings A, B, C, D, L, & T have up-to-date panels, while D & P both have older ones.

Building A: This one is the most diverse when it comes to the types of alarms used. The new science lab addition is composed of System Sensor SPSRs and SRs. Smoke detectors are Notifier FSP-851s and pull stations are NBG-12. As you walk into the older section of the building however, things change super quick. The main devices are actually remote strobes - red Wheelock CWHTs. These are everywhere in the building: classrooms, bathrooms, most hallways, etc. The horn/strobe units are ceiling mounted Wheelock MT4s or EHSes on trim plates. From looking on second, first, and lower level floors, I have only seen 7 of these: one in every long hall, and one in a multipurpose room. Theres also a lot of outlier alarms– being two faculty office sections on the first and second floor plus a classroom on the other side of the building. The first floor office has red Wheelock E90s, and the second floor office & classroom have System Sensor SPSCRLs. These are not connected to the new addition i just talked about by the way LOL. Pull stations and smoke detectors are NBG-10s and System Sensor 2400s. Its very possible that FSP-951s are in the office areas with the L Series speaker/strobes.

Building B & C: These ones are super easy to explain: All white E90 speaker/strobes with the occasional SWC & SRC strobes in really only small offices and stairwells. Pulls are NBG-12s and smokes are FSP-851s. Theres a System Sensor 2400 for elevator recall and a couple CWHTs in stairways. I’ll assume they’re disconnected. Both buildings from before 2015 used to have HSRC horn/strobes. UPDATE 6/10/21 there are two Notifier FSP-951s that have replaced defective -851s

Building D & P: Most alarms are MT-LSM horn/strobes in hallways, classrooms, and auditoriums. There’s also HSRCs & SRCs scattered about. Pulls are NBG-10s and smokes are a combination of -851s and 2400s.

Building L: This one also used to have HSRC horn/strobes, but all the horns were replaced with white E90 speaker/strobes. the SRCs are still in use. Pulls are all NBG-12s & smokes are mostly 2400s this time.

Building T: This one has Wheelock AS horn/strobes with RSS strobes in all classrooms & bathrooms. Pulls are once again NBG-12s and smoke detectors are -851s.

Technology building (not part of the campus but some classes are held here): This building has a Silent Knight system with Gentex commander 3 & 4 horn/strobes & strobes. Pulls are Silent Knight rebrands of the BG-12s and Smokes are SK-PHOTOs. Also in the automotive areas of the building, theres white MT4s with PHONE lettering, since its incredibly loud in there i can understand. Dunno if they’re still used.

So that should be it! I’ll quote this post and add any information (plus editing it in) if i find any interesting stuff! Theres also E, F, G and H buildings. i know E has exceders, H has whts and mt4/ehs’s (wall mounted), F (the gym building) has a combination of H & E, and G has commanders. I’ll give up-to-date descriptions if i go into any of them.

EDIT: heres a pic of a CWHT!! & another of the ceiling mount mt4/ehs device. i don’t know the model number of it sadly.

Here are the fire alarm systems at my school:


I am not 100% sure what the panel is but I think that it is either an EST 2 or EST 3.

Smoke Detectors


Notification Appliances

  • EST Genesis ceiling mount speaker strobe (EGCF-S7VMH)
  • EST Genesis wall mount speaker strobe (G4HFRF-S7VMC)
  • EST Genesis wall mount remote strobe (EG1R-VM)
  • EST Genesis ceiling mount remote strobe (GCF-VM)
  • EST Genesis ceiling mount remote speaker (EGC-S7)
  • EST Genesis wall mount remote speaker (G4RF-S7)
  • EST Integrity wall mount speaker strobe (outdoor rated) (idk the model number)
  • EST Integrity remote strobe (202-7A-T) all of them in my school are mounted to the ceiling
  • System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance horn strobe (P2R) These are only in the portables
  • System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance remote strobe (SR) These are also only in the portables

Pull stations

  • EST 278B-1120
  • ESL RMS-1T-KS-LP pull station (probably replaced a 278)
  • Fire-Lite BG-12(L?) they only have these in the portables

Message and tone

Tone: EST whoop tone
Message: default EST male voice. the message reads out: “There has been an emergency reported in the building. Leave the building immediately using marked stairways and exits. Do not use elevators.”

The tone plays the whoop twice followed by the message.

Here is a video of the alarms going off during a fire drill: School Fire Drill #3 - YouTube

Idk what the SpectrAlert Advances sound like but I am guessing that it is either on continious or code 3.

My elementary has system sensor spectra alert classics my middle school has gentex commander 3s my high school has system sensor L series Speakers and Speaker Strobes

Well, the Liberal Arts and Humanities buildings at my college are finally consistent with the rest of the campus, as the Faraday MPC-7000 system that’s been having nothing but problems for the past few years has finally been removed. Instead of one fire panel covering both buildings, each building now has its’ own Notifier system! There’s an FDU-80 annunciator at the entrance closest to a building’s mechanical room, near where the gutted Simplex annunciator remains are (from when they upgraded from their original Simplex 4207 systems to the Faraday MPC-7000 in 2005). I didn’t see any panels, but chances are they’re in the electrical rooms that once housed each building’s original Simplex 4207 panel (gutted and modified for terminal use when the Faraday system was installed), and they are most likely NFS-320s. All the audible alarm signals are System Sensor L-series horn/strobes, probably P2RLs. One in the Humanities building is still on an adapter plate as installed last year to replace the Space Age VA4 horn/strobe originally there (no doubt it was already helping provide adequate alarm signal coverage in the large medical classroom it’s located in.) In the faculty office corridors, the new alarms are mounted directly onto the wall for a neat appearance. The rest have been surface-mounted on the backboxes designed for the L-series alarm signals due to the cinder-block walls, and the areas where the alarms from the Faraday system were installed have been plated over; in the Humanities building they put a red double-gang cover plate over the hole on the retrofit plate (like I said, this is probably due to how one of the L-series horn/strobes remained on said plate), while in the Liberal Arts building they put a gray cover plate over the hole where the alarms from the Faraday system were (before the Faraday system was installed in 2005 with Space Age VA4 horn/strobes, the alarm signals were Simplex 4051 horns, many on their original 4050-80 light plates and some retrofitted into Faraday 2701-K strobe plates as an attempt at being ADA-compliant.) One conference room in the Liberal Arts building that had an alarm in it (it retained its’ original Simplex 4051+4050-80 up until early 2007!) simply had the L-series horn/strobe there removed, and no new alarm signals were installed there!) The restrooms each had an L-series remote strobe installed.
All the pull stations are now Notifier NBG-12LXs, and the smoke detectors are FSP-951s (making their debut on the campus here), along with the restrooms having FST-951 heat sensors. They even installed a second Gamewell master box outside to cover the second Notifier panel installed (when both buildings were built in 1978, their Simplex 4207 systems were both wired to the same single master box, which is probably why they just went with a single Faraday MPC-7000 panel to cover both buildings until recently; the Science and Technology buildings still use a similar setup but with a Notifier NFS2-640 panel rebranded by Johnson Controls.)