What alarm do you have at work/school

Those bells most likely only sound if a sprinkler has been set off

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My school uses EST/EdwardsGS/GE

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That’s probably it, as most of the bells look fairly new and don’t have any wear marks.

This is a video I took. My school has numerous SHGs, GXSs, 6 Truealerts, 4 GMSs, & 2 4219s connected together by a 4100 classic

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Here I will list the previous fire alarm systems from my last 3 schools I’ve went to before.

ELEMENTARY: Wheelock MT-24-LSMs (on 4x4 backboxes) and their also on red backplates that potentially covered the previous Simplex/IBM horns they used to have back in the day. (Pictures coming soon) They also have 2 Edwards 892-2bs in the Music/Band rooms probably because it was necessary to keep them in those classrooms. The System is unknown however they have had 2 previous systems considering the mix of alarms. The current system is most likely a Simplex 4010 or 4006 depending on when the Edwards system was replaced. (They currently have 2 SPOs in the main office vestibules with the rest of them being Simplex 2099s)

MIDDLE: Multi-Candela SmartSync Truealerts (unknown model number) with only one Wheelock MT-24-LSM on continuous for some reason, the system is a Simplex 4010 and it was installed in 2005. The previous system had Simplex/IBM flush mount horns considering how they are still existing but have been disconnected since they replaced the system by the mid 2000s.

HIGH: Various Mix of alarms which include;
-Mainly Simplex 4903-9236s in most areas, almost all of them are on metal backplates due to the fact they had 2 previous systems with the earliest being Simplex 4040/41s from when the school opened in 1966.

-Only one Simplex 4903-9219 in a certain hallway, it is on a 4x4 backbox with a beige conduit and it is also on a metal backplate from where a 4040/41 was originally from.

-Some Wheelock MT-24-LSMs scattered, one is in the theater hall entrance (yes, on a metal backplate as well) and another one on the second floor of the library, one in the “upper” gym, and there are some on 4x4 backboxes with metal backplates in most of the engineering/construction classrooms

-In 2014 the Fieldhouse received an entire remodel, which means they added onto the system after the remodel occurred, the alarms are Simplex Truealerts on 15cd and there are also ceiling mounts (4906-9128s) on 15cd as well.

-Pull Stations are Simplex 2099s, 4099s (fieldhouse only), and very rare american time & signal co. RSG tbars around the main entrance/theater hallway

The Entire System is on Continuous and all of the alarms at my high school stated above are on 15cd (with the MT-24-LSMs being on 15/75cd) so hopefully they don’t replace the system until I graduate by then. Photos are coming soon.

Elementary: Simplex TrueAlerts, Simplex Speaker Strobes (no voice evac), and a Wheelock MT-24MCW outside

Middle: Simplex 4903-9101+2901-9838s, Simplex 4903-9252 (im guessing because i never heard it), and Wheelock MTs (there might’ve been truealerts here but im trying too hard to scrape the back of my mind to find what alarms were there)

High: Simplex 4903-9101+2901-9838s (again), 4904 Remote Strobes, and a few Simplex TrueAlerts