What alarm do you have at work/school

I had a good memory of the systems in each of my schools, and even the activities attended outside of them.

East Heights Early Child Development Center (attended 2008-2009) / Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence (attended 2014) - Lawrence, Kansas

System Sensor P1224MC SpectrAlert Classics, all set on low volume and 75 Candela
Simplex 4251-20 conventional pull stations
Simplex 4005 control panel set on Code 3
System Sensor 2151 100 Series low-profile smoke detectors

Sunset Hill Elementary School (attended 2010-2015)* - Lawrence, Kansas

Simplex 4906-9127 TrueAlerts, all set on medium volume and 30 Candela
Simplex 4099-9003 addressable pull stations
Simplex 4010 control panel set on Code 3
Simplex 4098-9601 TrueAlarm smoke detectors

*Note: the school was rebuilt and the panel was replaced with a voice-evac capable Notifier ONYX NFS2-3030 with System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance SPSWH-P speaker/strobes, Notifier NBG-12LX pull stations, and matching Notifier FSP-851 smoke detectors.

Hilltop Child Development Center (attended Fall 2014-Summer 2015) - Lawrence, Kansas

Simplex 4903-9252 speaker/strobes
Simplex 4099-9003 addressable pull stations
Simplex 4098-9601 TrueAlarm smoke detectors
Simplex 4100U control panel with voice evac and the alert tone set on Code 3 Tone

West Middle School (attended 2016-2018) - Lawrence, Kansas

System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance SPSWH-Ps, all set on 110 Candela
Notifier NBG12-LX addressable pull stations
Notifier FSP-851 smoke detectors
Notifier ONYX NFS2-3030 control panel with voice evac and the alert tone set on Code 3 Tone

Lawrence Free State High School (attended 2019-2022) - Lawrence, Kansas

System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance SPSWH-Ps, all set on 110 Candela
Notifier NBG12-LX addressable pull stations
Notifier FSP-851 smoke detectors
Notifier ONYX NFS2-3030 control panel with voice evac and the alert tone set on Code 3 Tone

And there’s so many different alarm systems here at Wichita State University that it’d take me ages to post all of them.

My elementary school has a Gamewell e3, spectralert classic speaker strobes, except for the addition which has spectralert advance, an outdoor spectralert advance HS. For remote strobes, they have spectralert advance strobes. The pulls are all gamewell branded BG-12LXs(at least the ones that I have seen). There used to be just one BG-12, and the other pull was a gamewell sentry that was in the kindergarten vestibule, but they removed that. The smoke detectors are SD-355s or the gamewell equivalent.

My middle school was a notifier system, probably an AFP series, I never saw the panel. The annunciator was a notifier LCD-80TM. This system has lots of pull stations, all of them NBG-12LXs, but these were probably the older models, since they were branded Notifier Fire Systems. All the pulls had a stopper 2 cover with a horn. The NAs were mostly system sensor spectralert classic HS. There were a few Advances sprinkled throughout the building. In the cafeteria area, and the gym, there were voice evac speakers, some were SA classic speaker strobes, and then there were some Wheelock speakers. The funny thing is that in the hallways that had voice evac, there would be a wheelock speaker, and then right next to it, like a few feet away there was a spectralert advance HS. The smoke detectors are a mix of FSP-751s and 851s.

From talking to my district fire alarm tech, the district has a mix of mostly Notifier and Gamewell, and at least one Siemens/Cerebus Pyrotronics system.

I forgot to mention that there is at least one beam detector with a remote test station.

I also took these pics not too long ago. There seems to be a mechanical horn of some type on the back of the building. The photo isn’t that great.

My school has a very diverse spread of alarms. My area of the campus use red EST integrity horn strobes and strobes on the outside. There are a couple bells that don’t work. The interior features red EST genesis horn strobes and strobes in the bathrooms. Every pull station in the area is an EST SIGA 278 dual action. The gym building uses red wheelock ASWP horn strobes and RSS strobes. The interior features white E50 Speaker Strobes (and red in bathrooms) as well as white RSS strobes along with BG-12s. In the cafeteria area there are BG12s and standard gentex commander 3s. In the bathroom by the cafe there is a commander 3 strobe. In the other school area uses red SystemSensor Spectralert advance and P2RL horn strobes.

Those bells most likely only sound if a sprinkler has been set off

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My school uses EST/EdwardsGS/GE

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That’s probably it, as most of the bells look fairly new and don’t have any wear marks.

This is a video I took. My school has numerous SHGs, GXSs, 6 Truealerts, 4 GMSs, & 2 4219s connected together by a 4100 classic

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Here I will list the previous fire alarm systems from my last 3 schools I’ve went to before.

ELEMENTARY: Wheelock MT-24-LSMs (on 4x4 backboxes) and their also on red backplates that potentially covered the previous Simplex/IBM horns they used to have back in the day. (Pictures coming soon) They also have 2 Edwards 892-2bs in the Music/Band rooms probably because it was necessary to keep them in those classrooms. The System is unknown however they have had 2 previous systems considering the mix of alarms. The current system is most likely a Simplex 4010 or 4006 depending on when the Edwards system was replaced. (They currently have 2 SPOs in the main office vestibules with the rest of them being Simplex 2099s)

MIDDLE: Multi-Candela SmartSync Truealerts (unknown model number) with only one Wheelock MT-24-LSM on continuous for some reason, the system is a Simplex 4010 and it was installed in 2005. The previous system had Simplex/IBM flush mount horns considering how they are still existing but have been disconnected since they replaced the system by the mid 2000s.

HIGH: Various Mix of alarms which include;
-Mainly Simplex 4903-9236s in most areas, almost all of them are on metal backplates due to the fact they had 2 previous systems with the earliest being Simplex 4040/41s from when the school opened in 1966.

-Only one Simplex 4903-9219 in a certain hallway, it is on a 4x4 backbox with a beige conduit and it is also on a metal backplate from where a 4040/41 was originally from.

-Some Wheelock MT-24-LSMs scattered, one is in the theater hall entrance (yes, on a metal backplate as well) and another one on the second floor of the library, one in the “upper” gym, and there are some on 4x4 backboxes with metal backplates in most of the engineering/construction classrooms

-In 2014 the Fieldhouse received an entire remodel, which means they added onto the system after the remodel occurred, the alarms are Simplex Truealerts on 15cd and there are also ceiling mounts (4906-9128s) on 15cd as well.

-Pull Stations are Simplex 2099s, 4099s (fieldhouse only), and very rare american time & signal co. RSG tbars around the main entrance/theater hallway

The Entire System is on Continuous and all of the alarms at my high school stated above are on 15cd (with the MT-24-LSMs being on 15/75cd) so hopefully they don’t replace the system until I graduate by then. Photos are coming soon.

Elementary: Simplex TrueAlerts, Simplex Speaker Strobes (no voice evac), and a Wheelock MT-24MCW outside

Middle: Simplex 4903-9101+2901-9838s, Simplex 4903-9252 (im guessing because i never heard it), and Wheelock MTs (there might’ve been truealerts here but im trying too hard to scrape the back of my mind to find what alarms were there)

High: Simplex 4903-9101+2901-9838s (again), 4904 Remote Strobes, and a few Simplex TrueAlerts

UPDATE: I visited the new elementary school for an event and found out that it actually has an Autocall 4100es voice evac system. I have seen more and more Autocall systems popping up in my area recently. With this new information, I wouldn’t be surprised if the new high school gets an Autocall 4100es as well.

At my hockey they use an interesting system. The panel is a Silent-Knight 5207 (which has been in trouble ever since I noticed 2 weeks ago), with a Fire-Lite “Voice Evac Control” Amplifier. Smoke detectors are systemsensor 2400s, and pull stations are Notifier rebranded BG-10s. (Some in the studio rink use an STI cover), for notification appliances we have SystemSensor MASS speaker-strobes, with spectralert classic and advance strobes (I found a Wheelock RSS strobe in the bathroom too), and in the studio rink they use advance speaker strobes and strobes. (All notification appliances are red)

UPDATE: In the original post I said that they were building a new elementary school and a new high school.

The elementary school has now been finished. I visited it for an event and found out that it has an Autocall 4100ES voice evacuation system with red wall mount and ceiling mount conventional Autocall TrueAlert speaker strobes.

With this new information, I’m excited to see what the new high school has. In the past, my district has used almost all Simplex systems. For this reason, I thought the elementary school would have that. At this point, I have no idea. They could stay with Simplex. They may also go with Autocall. Siemens is by far the most popular company in my area so that is also a possibility. I have no idea. I’ll try to update you in about 8 months when the high school is supposed to open.

My K-12 schools all had Onyx Notifier panels, replacing (likely) older Edwards systems. College had all Siemens systems (mostly MXL panels). Lastly, my workplace uses some addressable Notifier system with NBG-12LXs and Spectralert Advances (not sure what panel, but something larger since the building is decent size).

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Newer System: Siemens SL2 speaker strobes, Siemens MS-10Bs, Siemens smoke detectors, Siemens FireFinder, Siemens Code 3, Siemens Male Message.

Older System: Simplex 4100+
Simplex 4903-9101 Strobe Plate
Simplex Bell of some sorts
Simplex 4099-9001 Pull stations,
Simplex Smoke Detector.

very thorough list, that is quite a lot.

Panel: Unknown Simplex Addressable

NA’s: Wheelock EHS-DL1’s (Majority of the system), Both Styles MT’s (1 each), SpectrAlert classic (just 1), Unknown Addressable TrueAlerts, deactivated flush mount Adaptahorn

Pulls: Simplex 4251-20’s and Fire-Lite BG12’s

Smokes: Simplex 2908-9577’s?, System Sensor I3’s, System Sensor 2400’s, TrueAlarms

Yeah, it’s a mess. All of this is on continuous too.

Roughly how many students are in this building. It may be a Simplex 4007ES as it is a very versatile system that can easily have both conventional and addressable notification appliances and initiation devices at the same time.

Around 600. It’s a relatively small school.

EDIT: Was thinking of wrong school. Changed number.

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