What alarm do you have at work/school

The remodeled areas used the xenon exceders.

Here’s another system at one of the buildings at my work.

Silent Knight 5208 control panel (most likely a replacement panel, the building was originally built circa 1999)

Inside of the panel
above the panel is the conventional power supply (model 5495)

The detectors are System Sensor 2400 smoke detectors

Chemetronics fixed temperature heat detectors (one above the panel and one in the kitchen)
the pull stations are Silent Knight PS-SATK under Stopper II covers

The horn strobes are Wheelock AS horn strobes (75 candela fixed)
the remote strobes are Wheelock RSS remote strobes (75 candela fixed)
the bathroom strobes are mounted incorrectly as shown here (probably installed after the discontinuation for the RS vertical strobe)
one of the offices has a System Sensor SPSRK for some reason, the system isn’t voice evac so I presume it must have replaced a broken strobe at some point and that’s what was only available at the time.

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That 5208 must be pretty new! All of the 5208s I’ve seen have a stripe running down the entire middle. The one at your work is styled like an SK 6000 series, so it’s probably from 2018+


I’m confident it is a replacement panel because a few years ago there was a reroof of the building and an exterior repaint.

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First glimpse into the system of my district’s new high school!

This is the first picture that I was able to get of a device in the new high school that is being built in my district. It is set to replace the old one later this year.

It appears to be a Wheelock or Siemens speaker/strobe. Based on other recent schools in my area, this probably means that it is a Siemens system but it could also be a Honeywell or even a Simplex system. I’m not really sure.

If it is a Siemens or Honeywell system, that will be interesting because almost every other school in my district has a Simplex or Autocall system (including one that opened last year). My district is also pretty small and only consists of 9 schools.

I will be paying close attention to this building and will post some more information about the new system as soon as I get it.

I’m pretty excited for this new school and so is my whole town. I will be attending it this coming year. It will be a huge upgrade from the current 1950’s building when it comes to size (300,000 sq. ft. vs 150,000), but also when it comes to safety. The current building is very bad when it comes to fire safety, but also intrusion safety, and general building stability.