What got you into the fire alarm hobby

tell me themoment that you became a fire alarm enthusiast for me it was the first fire drill at my elementary school in kindergarden like 12 years ago.

Thinking back I can’t really remember what made me start liking fire alarms

I actually used to be terrified of fire alarms, and for some reason I started watching security system videos on YouTube, and one thing led to another, and I haven’t looked back since. I have now accumulated 44 devices over 6 years.


For me, it was the two Arthur episodes “D.W. All Fired Up” and “April 9th”, which caused little kid me to think that fire drills were practice for when they’d burn the school down, which obviously wasn’t true. To help me get over my fear, my mom had me watch fire alarm videos on YouTube, this was around 2007, so the videos were potato quality. Eventually I started to regularly watch many people; NewAgeServerAlarm, FireAlarmJrTech9, soccerdude7330, Xsk8r114, Ben Schumin, the OGs so to speak. And before I knew it, that was my autism special interest

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Yeah I used to watch a lot of new age servers videos when I was little

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This is the first ever alarm I ever got. I remember when I got it 6 years ago I was so happy that I jumped over the dog gate to get to the kitchen and unbox it. one of the happiest days of my life.

I used to be afraid of them until I moved to a different school. The old school had Classics in all the classrooms and they scared me to the point that i started asking the principal when we were going to have fire drills. Once I moved schools there were Simplex 2901-9840s in the hallways and I always liked the sound of them. Then around a year and a half ago I started watching fire alarm videos on YouTube and I have been hooked since.

Lol my autism spectrum interest change randomly all the time

My autism interests change a lot

For me, I am also on the autism spectrum, and sensitivities to loud noises from fire drills growing up were the catalysts for my fascination of fire alarm systems today. Around 2006, the time YouTube started taking off, I searched for videos of fire alarms, and I slowly started conquering my fear of fire alarms. Over the years, I became more and more tolerant of loud noises, and now, fire alarm systems continue to be a big interest of mine.

I got into the hobby because of my father. Back in 2014, when the old school in my hometown was being prepared for demolition, dad talked one of the scrappers into giving me one of the class change bells (the Standard MAJ-6 I now have in my collection) so I could have a memory of the building. I also pressured him into taking down the 4903 series horn strobe.

Yeah I am on the spectrum too. Now the reason that I hate fire drills is because of all of the people in the hall and all of the comotion.

Fire drills still startle me, and if I know about them, I’m a nervous wreck until they go off, but I feel better if I get to pull them because I feel I have more control over the situation. I used to be scared of the sounds made by photocopiers and hand dryers

Wow, all pf my devices that I have are all new in box. I have always wanted an old device that was used in a building. That bell is also verry cool. would you mind putting up a video about the bell I think taht it would b really cool.

Fire drill use to and still startle me ( it doesn’t help that my school has wheelock ns’s and exeeders)

Our school hase Est genisus. They sound pretty cool though when they are all going off at the same time and are in sync

My elementary school had a est system with genesis NA’s, and they were loud

yeah my elementary school had a pyrotronics system that was really old and loud

My high school has a notifier system

I think that my middle school is a notifier system.