What is your favorite school bus?

I just wanna know, what’s your favorite school bus. I’ll start, My favorite school bus is the BlueBird All American A3RE, ranging from years 2002-2005. You already have an example of what your response should look like, it might not, we all have differen favorites, but, it should look like this: Note: The () reperesents a blank space, ** reperesents an example.

“My favorite bus is the (brand)Thomas (model)Saf-T-Liner-HDX (sub-model, if any)The HDX has no sub-model ranging from years (year range start)2008-(Year range end, the max is the current year+1)*2015”

Just to make certain that rules are followed, please do not start a war about any bus brands or models, unless it’s anything made by IC. (<---- Joke spotted!) Basically, just don’t spam this topic.


Hope I got the format right.

facepalms Nope. you didn’t, I’m certain you read it, so you must be joking.

Chris, that just made my day :lol:

Bob, it’s okay to have an open-ended topic for discussion rather than what is basically a form to fill out. Believe me, in the huge scope of things, you will feel so much better and have so much less stress if you allow things to play out rather than try to micro-manage the whole world around you. There are so many different things going on, so many variables, that it is hard to get by when you feel the need to control everything. I watch everyday as people work themselves up over situations that are just plain out of their control. Take a step back, let things play out. I know this is a far cry from what this began with in the topic, but just some advice for the future :slight_smile:

Not a problem, I’m just sayin’: Let’s not start a war about school bus brands, I threw in the joke of: Unless it’s IC/International.

What’s wrong with IC? The interior seems wider than the HDX and is more driver-oriented (for example, the warning lamp and service door controls are located on the steering wheel; on the HDX they are on the left).

My bus driver last year said the anything IC costs more to service than to purchase, something about IC being so expensive. I’ve never seen the inside of an IC anything, of course I won’t be able to get a virtual look at it because my Xbox doens’t support flash or downloading to local storage (even though it has a 500GB HARD DRIVE IN IT!!!), that and somebody’s putting pictures up in a format that my Xbox HATES.

My school district has a mix of Blue Birds and ICs.

Many of the older busses in the fleet (and yes, I mean fleet. Our district is massive) are the older Blue Bird propane-powered ones.

At some point in the future, they started buying IC busses that were (I believe) diesel powered. They’re the CE series.

Now they’ve switched back to Blue Bird and are using the Vision Diesel model.

However, I remember, back in the sixth grade, seeing a switch inside one of the older Blue Birds that would apparently allow you to select between propane and gasoline. Did Blue Bird ever make busses like that?

If you don’t mind spending a bit of cash you could buy a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, 8-32GB SD card, case, keyboard, and mouse, and build a little forum-viewing machine that Green and I talked about previously, if you don’t own your own computer.

NOPE!!! But BlueBird DID, however, make a HUGE mistake for introducing the Vision and the T3XE (X meaning the variable for either RE or FE) that have engines that can take gasoline, like if global warming/air pollution isn’t bad enough. The IC Ce’s have their backsides sticking upward more than the front, trust me, I’ve seen it, I also know what a fleet is, districts these days tend to be huge. Plus, you’re speling buses wrong, you spell it like “busses”, how it’s actually spelled is “buses” unless you’re in a different reigon, then blame my american-ness-ness-ness… (don’t ask.)

I think that’s the problem, card readers aren’t put in computers anymore, I don’t even think I can get one from Fry’s electronics anymore I’m already covered for a keyboard and mouse, and (maybe) the screen, but I’m not in the mood to spend $$$, besides, my parents are waiting for me to get enough days without big problems at school so THEY can get me one, I’m hoping they can get me a computer or laptop with HDMI so I can put it in my office (my bedroom, again, don’t ask) so I can actually view flash files. (What .pdf files?) So, I think I’ll wait.

Flash =/= PDF.

A Raspberry Pi is a $35 credit-card sized computer, with an HDMI out port for display, four USB ports, and an Ethernet jack for network. The computer comes as a bare board, meant for hobbyists to build around, so you’d have to get a case if you plan to use it for a PC replacement. There’s no hard drive on it, and it boots an optimized version of Linux from a MicroSD card. The one I used as a desktop replacement when I accidentally killed my old laptop was the older 700mHz single core, 512MB RAM model, but the current version is a 900mHz quad core model, with 1GB of RAM. It’s by no means a screamer, but if all you do on it is browse the web or write documents, it should serve you well.

I know flash isn’t .pdf, I wasn’t thinking when I was typing. That’s a pretty small computer, I’ve never used linux, I’m too used to mac and windos, this is way too far off topic, this topic is school buses, QUICK! Say something about school buses!

SideNote: Whatever happened was undeniably awkward! The Genie’s face reperesents mine, the genie is on the left, if you’ve ever watched Alaadin.

IC RE or FE.

Linux is very similar to Mac. I bet we could find you some code that you can copy and paste and make a program that allows you to view the forum. :slight_smile:

Did you know that the IC RE is actually the IC AmTran? If you already knew that, then I look like an idiot. Linux actually has is’t differences.

Fun Fact: Android and iOS were both based on Unix. Y’know how I can say this?

You don’t need a special program to view the forum. Firefox comes preinstalled on nearly every distribution of Linux.


Were the buses in your school district air-conditioned? Mine weren’t.

Why have air conditioning when you can have… white roofs?

You’re in frickin’ Oklahoma, I’m in Arizona, All of the buses in my district are Arizona/Texas spec.'d There’s an elementary district that uses just about the same buses as we do, with the addition of a Thomas Freightliner and a BlueBird International. (I don’t consider the BlueBird/Thomas Internationals junk, for some reason.) So I guess that’s why some of your buses don’t have A/C. Your first problem is that you’re in Oklahoma.

Just white roofs by themselve don’t help that much, Air Conditioning helps keep the passengars cool, smart one! (You can see the joke clearly, which is the “smart one”) Besides, the weather can be like 110 degrees and the white roof by itself won’t do much justice, the air conditioning is there so the driver and passengars don’t pass out from a heat stroke.

I go to college in Oklahoma, but I went to high school in Texas. The only buses that were air-conditioned there were the special needs buses. And from the Stillwater High School buses I’ve seen, they’re not air conditioned, either.