What really gets on your nerves

For me its 3 things in order:

  1. Rascism/Sexism- I can not stand it AT ALL and almost everyone that goes to my school is an extreem of both

  2. Songs that radio stations play over and over and over and over and over and ect.

  3. People who mix up nerds, geeks, dorks, ect. (there IS a diffrence for example, nerds play WOW and D and D all day, geeks fix computers and play video games all day)

To many people confuse “racism” with other things. I did not vote for obama because of his politicians and I was repeatedly accused of being a racist. I do not believe in illegal immigration and again I was grouped with racists. So I can’t stand unintelligent people grouping me with scum based on my intelligent and factually based views.

You get that alot on stations promoting new songs. Change the station?

You kind of just labeled a group of people … What do you call people that sit around and take photos of fire alarms? If you don’t like racism perhaps you should not be labeling people lol.

What really gets on my nerves is the scum of the earth, people who take advantage of those that are not able to defend them selves. Rapists, Sexual predators who pray on small woman, children, the elderly. Criminals who target people who are trying to help, people who kill cops, people who have total and utter disregard for other people… and people who don’t wave for letting them go in traffic or thank you for holding the door for them! I try more and more to just not let things get to me.

  1. Other drivers that use bad judgement
  2. Illegal immigrants (like Jake, I’m not a racist)
  3. Polititions that are trying to fight Arizona’s new law. :smiley:
  4. People that pretend to be something they aren’t

There are other things that really piss me off, when they come to mind I’ll update…

I like this topic! :smiley:
My list of pet peeves:

  1. Bullies (rapist, molesters, and abusers included) Anybody who would purposefully hurt others (whether emotionally or physically) is scum in my eyes
  2. Racism and sexism are big ones for me since I am a woman and I am black. I don’t like to be thought of as less than.
  3. Immaturity, especially from adults because adults should know better
  4. Rude/dickish behavior
  5. Ignorance
  6. Net speak to the point that it is unintelligible
    6a. LOL/lol really grinds my gears because it is often used in a passive-agressive sense
  7. Twi-hards
  8. People who think saying no offense means they have a blank check to be offensive

Whew… I have quite the extensive list. :lol: If you haven’t guessed I’m not much of a people person (it runs in the family). Numbers one and two are the ones I refuse to tolerate; everything else I can deal with.

Sorry for the double post- just thought of another good one: people who are always going on about the “Good Old Days” (usually the 1950s) and how they are so much better than today’s society. It’s annoying because

  1. Every generation has been bemoaning moral decline since the dawn of time and
  2. The good old days weren’t all that great. This article sums it up.

Posting in this topic is very cathartic.
Criticism of my posts in 3…2…1…

The “good old days” were only good because no one knew what was going on lol.

Moral decline is at an all time high and it seems to be reinforced people do not own up to their errors and mistakes for one.

Agree 100%, I cant believe I forgot to put that!

Again, I agree 100%. At BOTH of my local theaters (within a mile of eachother) there was a HUGE line of people camping out wating for the release of the new twilight movie four days before it came out (around 50-75 people and it grew exponentioally over the next few days) and I was shocked to see a group of guys camping out there, untill I noticed they were holding hands…and two of them were kissing… :shock:

You have a problem with that?

Their twilight is your fire alarms.

1st I have nothing against gays or lesbians, I fine with that, I just dont really like seeing it expressed in public

2nd I never really thought about it that way…

3rd I totaly forgot to mention, the Blood bank on wheels was outside both theaters on the day of the twilight movie premere. I guess you gotta take every opertunity you get :lol:

Think about how gays feel about straight people expressing them selves.

I have to say, I’m really not too crazy about seeing gays and lesbians PDA-ing either. I don’t even like seeing straight people who do that in public, never mind gays and lesbians. I have nothing against gays or lesbians, but as a straight person myself, I find it disturbing to seeing them displaying affection.

Bugs. Flies. Mosquitos. Spiders.

1.Drivers that don’t use their turn signals
2. Drivers that always beep their horns (usually the same ones that don’t use their signals).

Judgmental people really chap my hide. :x I go to an college where, if you are in the humanities (like I am), you are looked down on by the computer scientists and engineers. Most people I know are unbelievably smart and have already found good jobs when I can’t even find a minimum wage job. Every day that I am there, it is implied (even by my own roommate and friends) that I am just stupid, lazy, and poor. It makes me feel pretty rage-y. I’m going to have to lay down the line when I go back next month because my patience has finally ran out. I am who I am (and proud of it :twisted: ), and anyone, whether at home, school, or on the forums, who feels the need to point out what they think is wrong with my life needs to have a long hard look in the mirror and step off the high horse.

Don’t feel too bad, I can’t find a damn job either. What sucks especially hard is that I have applied to places I have experience in, places I would do well in, and got absolutely nowhere. The thing is, there are tons of older folks out there job searching in hopes of supporting families and they are just having an easier time finding work that us young people usually get. I don’t have a grudge against these people, they have to support their families, I understand. It’s just that the economy sucks so damn bad right now…

Even some older people are having trouble finding jobs. I know I’m not the only one struggling.

I mentioned one thing that gets on my nerve is when drivers beep their horns. Today me and my friends were stopped at a light, when traffic started to move we waited to allow a car to pull out in front of us. Then the car behind us beeped at us. My friend was being nice letting another car get in front of us and the car behind us beeps at us for being nice. We are a car load of kids with our hats to the side, everyone thinks we are the trouble makers but we are always nice and we get beeped at by an older person because we did something good. :frowning:
And a few days ago at a stop light I was kissing my girlfriend for a few seconds then the light turned green. Yes, I should be paying attention, and I was but it was like a second after the light turned that the car behind me beeped for several seconds. A quick beep would have did the job but he had to keep his hand on the horn even after I started to go. :frowning:
I hate horns.

I have almost never used the horn. However, there was a time when the light turned green and the moron in front of me just sat…and sat…and sat. It was very annoying. The light had almost changed back to red by the time he/she moved their ass. The funny thing is, this happened on a stretch of road I call “asshole alley”. It is just a strange coincidence that every time a drive that stretch of road, someone does something realy stupid. Nothing ever happens on any other road, all the losers tend to like this street in particular to execute their horrid driving skills.

I also had troubble finding a job for 2 years, and my sister has had troubble finding a job for about 4 years.

Finally my sister and I have both found jobs and I have been a little lucky and have gotten three jobs, all part time. I work as a theatrical lighting technician, a HAM radio communications operator for races and marathons, and I work on yachts doing electrical work.
My sister has a sesonal job at our local ice rink, works at our movie theater, and she is also an artist.

I hope you all can find a job soon! I’d give you one of mine if I could

[quote] I also had troubble finding a job for 2 years, and my sister has had troubble finding a job for about 4 years.


Glad you finally found some work. It took me two years to find a job, but as soon as I turned 18, RadioShack called me and I worked there for 10 months. Yes, I know, many of you have things to say about that store (expensive, annoying sales associates, etc.) but I liked the job and my co-workers, not the company itself. I tried for BestBuy originally but they weren’t hiring at the time. I quit RS as I became sick of selling products, and now I’ve been working in an administrative office for over a year while I am in college and I love it.

As far as what really gets on my nerves, I think it would be people who go out of their way to act rude so they’ll be taken seriously. One of the assistants in the office, who has since moved to another department, used to be so uptight it was ridiculous. She was rude to people who called the office if they did not agree 100% with her suggestions, confrontational to those of us in the office if we made a suggestion she was not in accordance with, and was so uptight… demanded that tasks be done IMMEDIATELY when they were low priority. A new guy took her place recently, and he is extremely laid back and polite, yet everyone takes him just as seriously as they took the previous secretary. In fact, they treat him with MORE respect because he values (or at least does a good job pretending to value) their opinions.

Done. :lol: