What's your favorite notification device / pull station

I have not seen any topics about notification divices / pull station. But my favorite notification divice is an wheelock 7002T. My favorite pull is an notifire nbg12L.

My favorites…

Pull Station: Simplex 2099 T-Bar

Notification Device: Simplex 2904 Light/Strobe

Smoke Detector: Simplex 2098 Whiffle-Ball Smokes

Panel: Simplex 2001

I thought we already had a topic like this, but I guess not.

My favorite panel is the Gamewell-FCi E3

My favorite signal is the Gentex Commander 3

My favorite pull station is the Fire-Lite/Notifier/GWFCI/Silent Knight BG-12 series.

My favorite detector is the System Sensor 2251 series detectors.

On the flipside…

My least favorite panel is the Siemens MXL. Slow SLC, very proprietary.

My least favorite signal is any Simplex device newer than 1994, as well as the Spectralert Advanced. FWR issues and terrible horn sound.

My least favorite pull station is the Fire-Lite BG-10. Look at it funny and it activates.

My least favorite detector is the EST SIGA-PS. Ugly traffic cones.

Pull: Simplex 2099 T-Bar Panel: Simplex 4100 NA: Gentex commander series HS and Specter alert Classic not to mention my favorite Mechanical H/S Simplex 4903. Smoke: System Sensor 2400 Photoelectric, because of the head how it looks. :slight_smile:

Pull Station: Simplex 4251-20 T-Bar

Notification Device: Simplex TrueAlert

Smoke Detector: Simplex 2098 Whiffle-Ball Smokes

Panels: Simplex 4008,4010, 4100 ES; EST QuickStart, IO64, SK 5208

Notification Appliance: Federal Signal 450D+VALS Strobe

Pull: FCI MS-2

Panel: Ansul Autopulse 2000

I will be honest though: I don’t have one singular favorite and least favorite device.

For instance,

I also like the Notifier NFS2-3030, Silent Knight IFP-1000, and Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS. They all get the job done with fairly quick SLCs.

I like the Wheelock MT series and Exceder series horn/strobes, as well as Spectralert Advance SP series and the Wheelock E-50 series speaker/strobes.

I like the Gamewell Century pulls because they look cool and are bulletproof, as well as the Silent Knight SD500-PS pulls because I like pull stations that very, very visibly indicate an activated condition.

And I like the i3 and i4 conventional detectors because System Sensor just makes great detectors, regardless if they’re addressable or not.

Again, on the flipside…

I do not like the Simplex 4100-series panels because they’re incredibly gigantic, proprietary as all get out, and have snail’s pace SLCs.

I do not like the Integrity and Genesis-series signals, for obvious reasons.

The 2099 and 4099-series pull stations are greatly inferior to the 4251-series pull stations, because of Simplex’s use of cheap plastics.

And finally, the newer TrueAlarms alarm falsely quite a bit.

I don’t hate any of these devices, I just don’t like them as much as the Honeywell products.

I’m a real sucker for older devices, particularly by Standard. Its tough playing favorites, but I would go with the round Standard pulls and the stainless Standard horn/light assemblies.

My favourite pull station is the Edwards 270-SPO. But, I like the older model, with the metal bar that holds the pull station up when opened. As for NAs, my favourite is the Edwards Adaptahorn.

I guess they…


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…Set the standard.

I really hope this wasn’t a typo… because I’ve seen Andrew do it too.

IT’S FCI people. Come on, seriously! “Fire Control instruments” is grammatically incorrect.

Now for my favorite alarm: What do you think it is? Honestly? :roll:

Was or wasn’t? :wink:

Yeah, it was a typo.

Hmm… beats me. What’s your favorite? :lol:

Could it be… a Wheelock AS? :lol:

Nah! Definitely a Spectralert Classic.

Although ‘FCI’ would be the correct initialism, their older pre-Gamewell merger logo is actually stylized as “FCi.” This logo can be found on the MS-2 and MS-6 devices and others from their time period.

I’d bet money on the Space Age AV32. :wink:

Space Age AV-32!

@Netscape: Nice one, Horatio.

Interesting panel choices. The Siemens MXL is over 20 years old, has been discontinued, and it can still probably equal or surpass most of the functionality of the Gamewell-FCi E3. :wink:

I’m personally a fan of proprietary. I know it sucks for the hobbyist side of things, but in real world applications it prevents trunk slammers from scabbing random stuff onto a buildings life safety system. It insures only factory trained technicians who know the system are responsible for it. Simplex and Siemens are on the right track with it in my opinion, and EST is not too far behind. I’ve worked on plenty of EST systems though where multiple fire alarm vendors do pieces and parts of it, and it’s very difficult to keep decent record drawings for the AHJ. With any of the open systems it’s nearly impossible.

My favorite NAC is any Faraday bell.

Favorite pull is the RSG RMS series. Metal conventional T-Bar’s rebranded by most manufacturers (Simplex makes their own though).

Service and maintenance on Simplex, Siemens, and EST systems are usually so expensive that it’s almost not worth it. The MXL has some pretty good features but it’s plagued by slow SLC and crappy devices, like their addressable detectors.

How can the MXL surpass the E3? :wink: