Wheelock 7001-DL???

I received this alarm from a youtube (firealarm2905) and he told me the model # is 7001-DL. I know that it is a 7001, but is it a DL??

It has a light, rather then a strobe.
Is it rare?
Youtube Video Link :arrow_down:

Please Let Me Know!

They did exist, and yeah they are extremely rare.

Very Cool!

Does anyone else have one? Or am i the only one?

I’m guessing that the light plate version came out maybe the same time as the 7001 strobe plate version and the 7002 horn/strobe did, due to strobes being still relatively new, and so you’d buy both the horn and light from Wheelock instead of a Wheelock 34 horn and Space Age AV32 light plate, which was a common configuration in the late '70s and early '80s.
Simplex’s first strobes I think came out in 1980, with the introduction of the 2903 retrofit plates and 2904 remote visual signals.

Oh hey that was mine first ^.^ I hope you have fun with it.,

Can you post a picture of the back?


I would if i could, what i mean is i tried using 5 different public up loaders and they all FAILED!
But i did make a video, with photos and its on YouTube Link Below

Also, if you have any questions about this alarm you may want to contact “firealarm2905” (registered user) because he was the prior owner of this alarm. He may know more than me.
All he told me:
-Wheelock 7001-DL
-120 VAC

^thats what i was told from him^

if you know more PLEASE let me know, thanks<
<YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThoQ39udwMg&feature=youtu.be

Thanks, but could you show a photo of the light mechanism?

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I think you’ve been faked. Wheelock never made incandescent lights to my knowledge, and they certainly wouldn’t have between 1985-1994 which would be when that plate was made. Plus, the half of the label with the model number has been cut off…

Destin, Your right! I’ve been faked!

I opened it up, the bulb it a little bit smaller than the bulb in my Custom 2903 (120VAC), i just spoke with firealarm2905 (a personal friend) and he told me that he purchased it from some guy on eBay, who claimed it was a light!

Well, thank you for clarifying everything.

I have a small PCB that fits inside a “WS” type strobe that has two incandescent lamps…

so maybe one did exist at one point and nobody knows about it.

Im confused!
50% think its real
50% think its fake

and 0% are posting any pictures of the alarm in question…

Is 1990 the year when incandescent lights on fire alarms were no longer legal? I think that’s the case. They were still legal in the late 80s I think, but they were already pretty rare by then, even though they were still legal.


i put a link for the photos

For some reason my computer would not let me upload them

That video? I didn’t see the light part. That is what I want to see.

You know we have file attachments in this forum… you should be able to attach your photos when you post a reply.

Maybe, but I doubt it, since the 1976 patent for WS-series strobes references no earlier Wheelock visual signals and specifically mentions the downsides of incandescent lights (4101880). Also, here are some Wheelock catalogs through the years that make no mention of lights:

1975 - 1979 - Late 80’s

For the most part, yes, but remember that requirements can vary greatly from area to area. I’ve seen systems installed after 1990 with incandescent lights or no visual signals at all. But by the late 80’s, strobes had become the standard.

Wow, Destin, where did you find those catalogues? :?:

They’ve turned up on eBay through the years.

Are these photos from an eBay auction or did you actually buy them?

If you did buy them, I really want to see that third one, pages 6 and 7… There’s been a long-running mystery alarm some of the buildings at UAlbany (Dan M mentioned them) and we still haven’t figured out what it is – and that catalog shows the alarm in question!

Were did you get those :?:

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