Wheelock is now discontinuing The LED3,The E50s/E60s, and the RSSs

Today I found this out today on this link
That Wheelock is officially is killing the LED3s in favor of the Eluxa series. It’s not just the LED3s that are being Discontinued. The E50s/E60s are also going away with the RSSs. The E70Hs and E90Hs are being discontinued while the regular E70s and E90s will still be in production (I don’t know why they are keeping these products unless they want to keep a Xenon speaker strobe).
My opinion on this:
If they were going to kill a xenon speaker strobe it should’ve been the E70s instead of the E50s in my opinion (with the exception of the Remote speakers and the Rare nickel variant. The E50s (IMO) was a E70 but more neglected by Wheelock and had a better design. The E60s are the same thing but ceiling mount. The RSS should’ve been kept because of the MTs. The E-Series and the MTs wouldn’t have a proper strobe to go with it. I don’t think the exceeders would be a good fit for the E-Series and the MTs. Now the LED3s I can Definitely understand those weren’t popular an I consider it as a failure from Wheelock. I think the E70s and E90s are kept because of popular demand. But what are your thoughts on it.


Funny, I didn’t think Wheelock still made the RSS. While it’s sorta sad to hear that these particular devices will no longer be manufactured, I’m sure there are still plenty of them out there, & I suppose Wheelock does have their priorities straight (since the xenon strobe devices are redundant if they have LED strobe devices to offer instead). Sorta nice to hear that the E70 & the E90 will still be manufactured.

As far as I know the LED3 series is just the LED Exceder but the strobe flashes at the proper duration, unlike the LED Exceder, thus I believe the latter was somewhat of a failure & not the former.

The E70H/E90H I’m confused about; I was told once that “ET-series” speaker/strobes are the high fidelity models, such as the ET70 (which I have one of).

Pretty much all of those models I have no problem with, including the E70.

The E50/60 and the RSS have been around for a decade or so, the RSS has been around for 2 decades now. It makes sense to discontinue them due to them being both physically and technologically outdated.

Those 3 alarms have practically stayed the same since their debut and they don’t look consistent with Wheelock’s current lineup of Notification Appliances, and wouldn’t look good or consistent with current installs.

Its expected, as the Eluxa Series is replacing them.

Now I wonder if this will effect Siemens. Remember Siemens still has the Z-Series. I wonder if the Siemens AS,SE,NS (yes they do make a NS for ceiling mounting only I believe), and ST will stay on the market. It could be that the E50 and the RSS aren’t done completely.

I’m speculating Siemens might keep them in production, or purchase the patent from Wheelock and make them exclusively Siemens. It doesn’t appear Siemens is planning on making their own alarm equipment, they might but there’s no proof yet.

Siemens already rebrands Exceder LED3’s, they’ll probably start rebranding the Eluxa series.

Yeah, Siemens basically rebrand horn strobes and strobes from Wheelock.

Funny, we just installed like 100+ of these LED Exceders in a factory. Except they were rebranded by Eaton.

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Eaton is the parent company of Wheelock. Exceder LED3’s have the Eaton logo instead of Wheelock.

Yeah, which I hate; even Honeywell has kept on using the names of companies they’ve acquired (though they have recently redesigned their logos to emphasize the Honeywell name more).

This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito.

Wheelock is pretty much nothing at this point…

More or less I’d say, probably all thanks to Eaton.

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Are the regular Wheelock Exceders discontinued, yes or no?

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No, Wheelock will continue to sell them for now.

What about in the future?

Nobody knows about the future.

Wheelock is discontinuing the regular exceder series in the future?

We don’t know if they will or not.