Where to get panels

Hey guys, I want to know a good first panel, and where to get it.

I’d recommend Silent Knight’s SK-5208: 10 zones, 4 NACs, 4 relays, a host of useful features, & easily programmable & usable. Good luck trying to find one for an affordable price though.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

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There are no abandoned buildings near me as far as I know, but I might get my school’s old fire alarm system (although I bet a 4100 series panel is hard to use)

Personally I would recommend a fire lite MS-4424B or a MS2/4 I had a MS2 a while back and it worked very well for me. It is a 2 Zone 1 NAC panel.
I just got my MS-4424B and it is a very good panel. 4 Zone and 2 NAC. Very easy to use and wire. If you just keep checking eBay every once and a while, you will find one for a good price. Wish you the best of luck on your panel endeavors!

Keep in mind however that the MS-4424(B), MS-2, & MS-4 all output FWR, which is not ideal for powering some alarms, especially Simplex devices which will die if powered with FWR. They’re also extremely limited panels compared to say the SK-5208 as well.

Get a fire-lite ms-4ud

There’s no such panel as the “MS-4UD”; there is however an MS-5UD-3. I’d recommend getting the MS-10UD-7 though as it has 5 more zones & more amperage than the 5UD, & best of all it outputs filtered DC as opposed to FWR like the 5UD does.

There is a such thing as a ms-4

The MS4 is a 4 zone 2 NAC panel from Fire Lite

I know, but there is no such panel as an “MS-4UD”.

I am aware, I meant to reply to Caleb on his comment about “no such thing as a MS-4”

All of those panels are similarly priced, so I’ll buy an sk5208 as soon as I can afford it. Another win for TheCarson116.

Ah okay Reed.

Trust me Alex, you won’t regret doing so: I’ve had an SK-5208 myself for some years & it’s been great. It may not have as many features as some bigger panels, but it works quite well for my purposes.

The “ ud” was a mistake, I thought all fire-lite panels had the “ ud” at the end of the model number.

Very nice! I hope you like it :)! I have never had any personal experience with the SK series of panels but I have heard they are very nice!

Ok. I’ll start saving up

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Thank you all so much for the help.

You’re most welcome! :smiley:


What part of the country (or world) do you live? I have some conventional panels that you can have but they would be cost prohibitive to ship. I’m in Cincinnati.