Where to get panels

I probably will just have to save up as I can’t think of a time when I would be able to pick them up (I prefer not to say my location. Confidential.) thanks anyway.


Which ones

I’ve wanted a panel for years

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You can get some firelite, silent knight, and some kidde panels of amazon
they are 1000 dollars though

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I have Pyrotronics, Fenwall, Autocall, Ansul, Simplex and Honeywell.

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What pyrotronics panels do you have

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This is an old topic

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Still here, found a NIB ES-50X for $970 with free shipping

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Still here too.
Pyrotronics CP2-HA, CP-30, CP-31, CP-35, FIU-6 AND CTZ -1 OR 2.

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I’m going to make my own panel over the summer

I’m going to attempt to make a panel this summer as well.

what Honeywell and Simplex panels do you have? (I am also looking for my first panel)

Honeywell W939 , W940 , FS-20 , FS-90 and Simplex 2120 and possibly some 4100 parts.

I know a friend of mine, @MEKAlarms, is quite interested in the FS90, so maybe you should get in touch with him & see if the two of you can work something out (I believe he’s also shown interest in the other Honeywell panels you have listed there, especially since we know so little about them at present).

As for the 2120, you should really make sure that it goes to someone willing to take good care of it as 2120s are extremely rare.

I will take the 2120 I PROMISE to take care of it.

I am working on a fire alarm museum

Ended up getting an ES-50X for $500

Noice that is a good deal