Will My Wheelock AS Provide Power Like This?

A Wheelock AS (or any notification appliance for that matter) cannot “provide power”: it is designed to receive power from a power source, such as a panel. As for the wire setup you’ve got there, those wires will not supply power to the alarm as they still have the protective jacket over the ends. You need to strip that off if you want to be able to power things with them. You’ve also got it wired all wrong: the red wire should go in the positive (+) terminal & the black wire in the negative (-) terminal (make sure you also observe polarity on the other end of the wires that’s hooked to the power source). Remove the other 2 black wires from the other terminal & hook only the red & black wires from the other cable to each terminal as previously said.

What is that black component on the left?

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the black thing is a ferrite ring, usually used to control data noise

Well I’d say such a device isn’t necessary on the wiring for a notification appliance.

Yeah that looks like they attached both of the wires from a wall power supply in one terminal and attached both wires of FPL to the other terminal without removing the insulation. Please don’t attempt to plug that in, that’s just gonna short out immediately.

It’s my first time wiring a fire alarm up. I have never started a collection before

I took off the wire jackets, so is this finally better? I am using a 9V switching adapter for the negative wire.

I want to wire it up with no panel and just to a pull station.

I believe that’s correct, but you’ll need more than 9VDC to power it: most modern alarms are designed to run on 24VDC.

I read something online, and somebody said that using 9VDC with an as is still really loud & is decent for saving lives. This should be good enough.

My brother said it should be good enough. I’ve also watched the SER Safety Tutorial, and he said to use 9V.

Well okay, but if you need 24VDC try connecting three 9V batteries together via the terminals: that will give you a total of 27 volts DC (don’t worry, most alarms can take the extra 3 volts).

How do you connect the batteries incase I need the extra voltage

First of all, welcome!

I want to caution you at first - while this may seem like no big deal since you’re only dealing with 9 volts, keep in mind that low voltage does not equal low hazard. If you are not careful, you risk damaging your power supply, alarm, or yourself. Take things slowly and do not rush. I should also mention that any information mentioned here is for setting up and running a demonstration circuit ONLY, and cannot and should not be relied on to “save lives”. This is a community largely of hobbyists, and none of this is by any means “Fire Protection Engineering 101”.

You want to wire a horn-strobe to a pull station. I suggest reading this topic first for some info. The photos are broken because it was written a long time ago, but the theory should help.

First, I’d like to get to know your familiarity with electronics. How are you at reading schematics, and are you familiar with series and parallel circuits? This will inform some of my next steps here.

If you’re familiar with how schematics work, this diagram should help you just fine. Wire the positive end of your power supply to one terminal of your pull station. If it’s a conventional pull station, the polarity should not matter. Then, wire the other terminal of the pull station to the positive terminal of your AS. Your negative lead from your power supply should go straight to the negative terminal of your AS.

This is called wiring in series. Remember that a pull station acts as a simple switch, and pulling it completes the circuit and allows electrons to flow into the alarm. Resetting the pull station breaks the connection and disallows the flow of electrons.

The way you have things wired now, I cannot tell what is wired to what, so I strongly caution AGAINST plugging anything into the wall.

I don’t know how to read schematics at all because I have never learned it at school or anywhere.

I want you to answer these 2 questions:
How do you do the full procedure of wiring a fire alarm to a pull station with no panel without the schematics?

Is 24V DC good for positive and 12V DC good for negative or this is too much power?

I also have lots of 5V adapters. Is that good for negative if I have 24V already for positive?

5 Volts will not work on the Wheelock AS. You need 24 volts for it to work properly. To simply turn on the alarm connect the positive of the alarm to the positive of your power supply and the negative of your alarm to the negative of your power supply. If you need extra help I recommend watching this video:

I am using a 24V adapter from a Razor Crazy Cart. Will that adapter work?

It is a 2-split wire adapter.

I am using a 9V adapter along with the 24V Razor adapter. My Wheelock AS can take up to 33V of power.

only use the 24 volt DC adapter. Hook up the positive to the positive of your alarm then hook up the negative to the negative of your alarm. Do you have a pull station or switch by any chance?

I have a Cerberus Pyrotronics MSI-10/20B. It is a non-coded fire alarm box.

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