Will My Wheelock AS Provide Power Like This?

Perfect. Watch the video I linked above. Hope you get it figured out!

Is This Good Enough? All Wires Are From The 24V

I am using a 24V Razor adapter since 9V was not enough. Is that okay.

No. Watch the video I put. You’ll need another piece of wire.

I’m currently away from my house but I’ll send a wiring diagram once I get home

Also, the MSI-10/20 Is also an addressable pull station, so it won’t work w/ 24 volts as it transmits data to the panel when it activates instead of closing the circuit

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What wires will a addressable pull station take? Mine is the MSI-20B

Do you have a light switch or some other switch? As stated by Benjamin, the pull is addressable.

I don’t have a light switch, so how much volts does an addressable pull take?

You cant use an addressable pull station to let power flow to the AS because addressable devices need a panel to operate because they can only transmit data

I am not familiar with electrical yet, and I have never owned a single piece of fire alarm equipment until the day before I created this forum.

What are some cheaper alternatives to a panel that will accept addressable pull stations?

Panels cost way too much ($500-$3,000+), Annunciators cost about $300?

Will an annunciator work with an addressable pull station?

You should buy a conventional pull station because electrically its just a switch unlike the addressable pull which is sorta like a tiny computer that messages another bigger computer which then turns on the alarm when the pull is activated

also, the annunciator wouldn’t work because the only thing it does is let you silence reset and acknowledge the panel remotely and won’t work without a panel

I will most likely end up trying to return the addressable pull and get a conventional pull. It is a cheaper option.

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Does This Look Addressable or Conventional?

That looks addressable. Look on eBay for some cheap conventional pull stations.

Addressable pull stations will only communicate with an addressable FACP, so to use it in your setup, you’ll need to remove the two wires coming from the switch and only use those.

How should I remove the two wires coming from the switch?