XLS-1000 Voice Evacuation

I am looking for the message in the Honeywell XLS-1000 (Honeywell rebranded EST3). Does anyone know the message or tone? Is it just EST voice evacuation?

These videos feature XLS-1000 messages according to a friend of mine (these might be custom & thus not stock/default however):
Fire alarm while stuck at the airport (youtube.com)
Phoenix airport alarm (youtube.com)

I do not think that the messages are standard, But I do think that the whoop is standard, as it sounds like a normal EST whoop. My best guess would be that this just normally uses an EST tone and message

The hi-lo tone in the first video I believe is also an Edwards/EST tone.

Could, yeah.

I just checked, and I think it is too

Yeah, it is. That first video is from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport.

So notifier devices are compatible with it? Those are the detectors I saw at that airport pretty recently.

not legally compatible but they work. Its all just system sensor clip stuff

Yes. In one of the terminals there, I saw this annunciator but with the Honeywell logo where the EST one is in this picture:

wait i also noticed that honeywell used est siga detectors on those systems. i thought it was clip only. must be rare then.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 13.23.38

I was confused by that too. The panel must be able to use both protocols- similar to how a lot of newer Honeywell panels can run a couple different addressable protocols.

Yeah but sorta makes sense. Its just a branded EST3. Just never knew honeywell used the SIGA cards. Most newer Honeywell panels except some silent knight and gamewell panels use a variation of clip or advanced protocol (flashscan) so basically same protocol.

I think the messages are standard from EST. I’ll check and see if I have any saved.

I don’t know why they would be considering Edwards/EST & Notifier have completely different addressable protocols & addressable devices: there’s a chance the system you saw might be a newer one (which would mean the previous XLS-1000 system was replaced at some point).

the est3’s can have clip loop cards to support irc3 replacements. honeywell just used the clip cards aswell as siga cards. i belive the newer xls1000 systems have clip devices due to honeywell owning system sensor

Edwards/EST & Notifier have never been related as far as I know though, making it highly unlikely the two would have shared addressable protocols with each other.

the est3 had system sensor clip cards because the est irc3 was a clip panel and est needed to support it somehow so they had clip protocol cards. that panel with that card could only have system sensor, est, fci and honeywell clip devices and the siga card could only have siga devices

No, I was at that airport and all of the devices are addressable Honeywell devices but I saw the active XLS-100 Annunciator. The Honeywell XLS-1000 there is still in service. The addressable devices that I saw were Honeywell branded versions of the 751 series detectors. I also saw a few 851 series detectors as replacements too.

Oh, okay: that together with Edwards/EST panels supposedly being compatible with the CLIP protocol clears all that up then I guess.

Honeywell has an EFG-250 board for their version of the Notifier 3030 panel to monitor EST detectors and modules on a Notifier SLC loop. It gave customers a way to upgrade their systems and not have to replace the devices all at once.

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