Fire Alarm Dreams/Fantasies...

I’ve noticed we don’t have this thread, so I’ve brought it back…
Well, last night, I had a very bizarre dream about a pull station. I was in this TV studio type place, and all of a sudden, something caught fire. I rushed over to a pull station. The name on it said Epiac Alerter, I believe. The backbox was red, but the handle was clear plastic and said Pull Down on it. I did, but guess what? No alarms went off! Instead, they activated these vent fan type things!!! Weird… :shock:

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Maybe to suck the fire out? :lol:

Air makes fire more intense.

What an ironic twist!!! :lol: :smiley:

It’s the fire triangle

O2 + Fuel + Heat = Fire

I had a dream that some idiot that was a blonde female set fire to a hallway and the principal pulled the alarm and set the alarms off, but the thing is, the alarms have stoppers on and they didn’t sound.

Not all Stoppers have horns on them.

I’ve had several dreams where I am in a fire drill. In one dream I thought “I can’t wait to tell the guys at Schuminweb that we finally had a fire drill!” :roll:

I’ve had many. Here they are in order:

  1. When I was young, I used to be TERRIFIED of Simplex 2901-9333 bells, so I had a dream that they jumped off the wall and chased me out of the building.
  2. In this dream, I was at a school and a teacher from my real school was the principal. We were going to have a fire drill so she goes to the panel, pushes in a few buttons, and the alarm is a weird buzzer. A man with a kid ran out first.
  3. In this dream, I was on a cruise ship and I saw a ceiling mounted Wheelock AS. I heard a faint beep and it got louder. It was going off!
  4. For some crazy reason, in this dream, I pulled the fire alarm. I felt that I had to and told everyone not to leave.

Wow Simplex Fan, your dreams sure are weird! Especially the one with the -9833s.

I really don’t dream about fire alarms (at least that I remember), but I actually did have a weird one recently. Our vice principal was making announcements (no one seems to like him) and he was talking for like 10 minutes (We’re pretty sure he likes to hear his own voice.)

Anyway, during his announcements, the fire alarm goes off and he tells everyone to wait until he is done reading to exit the building!

I told my friends that the next day, and they all agreed that they could see him doing that, because of how much he talks.

Isn’t that dangerous because there could be a real fire in the school?

They are 9333 Bells

Well, it still is pretty funny. XD

I had a dream last night that someone gave me two red SpectrAlert strobes that were multi candella- 1 cd, 15/75, 30, 110

I really don’t see that as being weird…

Well the weird part is that SpectrAlerts didn’t have a 1 cd setting.

Then maybe they made i just for you? XD :lol:

Well, I had a dream just last night where these giant Wheelock NS4s were on the sides of these HUGE skyscrapers!!! The hole where the sound came out and the horn was located was GINORMOUS!!! I heard what they sounded like; they were REALLY low pitched. :shock:

I’ve had plenty. Most are “normal” (e.g. fire drills, testing, getting NAs…) but some were pretty strange.

1: it was a fire drill, but one horn had a SAE-style light but it had a small reflector in it that swept left and right and up and down. It sounded in a very rapid warble (kind of like the Piercer setting on a vehicular siren)

2: I was “conducting” a fire drill at a college campus that had a seperate auto repair/engine repair/mechanics garage. The main building was 4 floors and had a mix of AS and NS alarms. So I snapped my fingers to trigger the alarms. The main building triggered first, and I expected another AS/NS in the garage, but a loud, obnoxious, weird horn sounded a BEEP BEEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEP BIP BIP BEEEEEEEEEEEP! sound. Here’s a simulation:

Click here to watch A-fire-alarm-system-in-a-dream-ASs-and-NSss-and-a-strange-horn-in-a-garage