Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns, Evacuation Drills for the 2022-2023 School Year

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It’s time to begin a new school year (mine starts in a few weeks, in fact). So let’s start it off!

Talk about your disaster prevention drills that you have this school year - Fire drills, inclement weather drills, and lockdown drills to name a few. You can also post updates of your school’s system if there were any changes or inspections done there.

Please remember - the point of disaster prevention drills is to practice what you would do if an actual emergency occurs. A few pointers for you and your classmates:

  • Take drills seriously and act as if they were real. Drills are practice opportunities so evacuations can be swift yet safe.
  • What would you do if such an emergency were to strike at the school? In your classroom? For example, would you assist your friends in getting out, or make sure the way is clear of hazards before letting others know it’s safe to evacuate the room?
  • Follow specific instructions from your school. Take note of certain announcements or signals used during emergencies.
  • There is often little time between a warning and evacuation. This is why it’s important to be ready to respond to any warning given.

Feel free to discuss emergency incidents that occur in your school too.

REMEMBER: If an actual emergency occurs, remain calm and secure your personal safety. Follow instructions of the staff and take proper actions.

With that in mind, go ahead and update us on your drills and disaster prevention happenings! :slight_smile:

This Could be a drill or could be real…

We have just evacuated the school after the staff has said “Students please take your stuff because we are having a Fire Drill.” And the Fire Alarm soon activated. I knew from that moment something was up, because the school management never pre-announces Fire Drills and we already had out drill this month. (Today is the 31st of August btw.)

We are evacuated and under shade, but there is no smoke and no emergency services have arrived… (School safety did though.) It is very confusing, I heard a rumor from a teacher that people smelled smoke or gas, but it is uncertain. The Fire Alarm NAC was active longer than it should have been, but has been silenced right now.

Hope everything is ok and I will catch up on this later…

(Later: It was what the rumor had suspected. It was a precaution just in case there was another gas leak or something toxic. The Fire Department arrived and declared it safe to re enter. We then had no AC for the last period because the HVAC systems are controlled by the 4005 Panel. :frowning: )

I have fire drills each month and every time one happens i try my best to get a video of it on my school chromebook

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My college does tests of their system every quarter break where no students are at the campus.

Wow, I can’t imagine what every month must be like. My school district does one in Mid- September and one in late May.

i actually just had a fire alarm activation at my work turns out a fire sprinkeler activated ude to the heat from the soup stove in the kitchen

my school used to do every month they lasted about 20 minsin the s[ring and 10in the winter

I was at the home depot recently which uses Gentex Commander 3 horn strobes I heard one of them chiming in temporal code 3 but no strobes were flashing.

mabey the strobe was dead

None of the strobes were flashing.

thats wierd they might have had the strobe nac turned off