Smoke Investigation At My School

Today my school was evacuated due to a smoke investigation.
This is not the first time we have had an emergency: @MrFireAlarm also attends my middle school and has documented a few other incidents.

What Happened:
Around 8:16 AM, a staff member smelt a smoke odor inside of the main building. The school was evacuated by using the Dukane Intercom rather than the Fire Alarm System. Since it was before school had started, everyone was moved to the soccer fields and just grouped around there. A Few Minutes later a Fire Engine arrived along with School Safety Officers. The Firefighters entered the school and searched the building. After about 30 minutes, they exited the school, and drove the East Parking Lot where they went on the roof for another 20 minutes. My districts Emergency Management Officer and Fire Safety team responded to further investigate.

While chatting with a staff member in the Courtyard, I heard over the Kenwood two way radios that a staff member needed to evacuate the school. Once the announcement came over the PA, I evacuated to the field, as I was walking out to the field, I heard sirens and watched as Engine 7 pulled into the West Parking lot followed by multiple school safety officers. We all remained outside for almost an hour before the all clear was given

Responding Departments: Tucson Fire, TUSD School Safety, TUSD Fire Safety, TUSD Emergency Management.

Other Incidents at this school:

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How did I miss this.
I missed my alarm and woke up at 9.

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What caused the smoke to spread inside the building?

Apparently it was a Heater which had just been turned on (My Districts HVAC team is slow). It sent a burning smell and a light haze after some buildup started burning in the AC unit.

This is not the first time this happened either.

Turns out the Same Heater caused this Evacuation as well.