Lots of Gentex Commanders at the local Home Depot

The local Home Depot has Gentex Commanders all over the place, very close to each other. I hope I am never in there when the fire alarm sounds. Seems like overkill. Loud.

That’s strange if you ask me given all the Walmarts I’ve been to have had either Spectralert Classic horn/strobes or Wheelock S8 speaker/strobes inside with Wheelock ET70WP-series speaker/strobes outside. I do know however that either Home Depot or Lowes uses blue Gentex Commanders as emergency exit alarms.

Very close together huh? How close exactly?

This topic is about Home Depot, not Walmart.

The Home Depot near me has Advances…

They have a horn/strobe and a remote strobe above each aisle.

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Oh yes, my bad, sorry. Most of the Home Depots or Lowes I’ve been to have had either Wheelock ASes or Spectralert Advances, though like I said either store (forget which one) do use blue Gentex Commanders as emergency exit alarms. I’ve also been to at least one Home Depot or Lowes that used blank white Gentex SHGs for the same purpose.

The blue Commanders at emergency exits? That’s Lowe’s, not Home Depot. Home Depot uses Detex hardware with built-in alarms.

As I said, I don’t remember which stores use them specifically.

Seems like this topic comes up a lot here…

It’s funny because I don’t think I’ve ever been to one Home Depot that had Gentex Commanders as the notification appliances.

The one near me has Advances… it used to have Wheelock AS’ but then an unnecessary upgrade happened.

Very strange that it had Wheelock signals given the rest of the system was Edwards/EST. Also I’m sure there was a good reason for the upgrade. Not sure if I’ve ever been to a Home Depot that had a Silent Knight system though.