My latest alarm tests

I did some tests of some of the alarms that I’ve had in my collection.

Gentex GXS

Wheelock 7002T

Gentex GMS

Simplex 4901-9822

I will be uploading more alarm test videos in the near future.

Even more tests…

Wheelock 34T (it’s actually a Wheelock 36T on the label, but it is not much different from a 34T; see video description) - This one tends to act a bit weird with the pitch.

Simplex 2901-9838

Edwards Integrity Horn/Strobe (757-7A-T; Enhanced) - I test it first on continuous because all the Intergities that I’ve heard going off in an actual installation were in Code-3.

Wheelock MT-24-LSM - This is actually my newer one with a working strobe (the strobe on my other one broke due to not taking good care of it). I only tested three out of the eight tones: Code-3 Horn, March Time Horn, and Slow Whoop.

Simplex 4903-9236

Horn/Strobe test

Strobe Only Test - I also took my TrueAlert horn/strobe (which I will eventually get to test; see more info in the video) and put it near the strobe just for kicks…

Simplex 4903-9219 - Unfortunately, the strobe stopped working (not due to it being powered by FWR voltage, but probably for not taking good care of it). - Also, at the end of the video, I explain (with proof) that I have both versions.

Gentex Commander3 Horn/Strobe - I only tested five out of the seven tones of this alarm

System Sensor MASS2415ADA

Hi-Lo (800/1000 Alternating) + Surprise - I test six tones of this alarm since Hi-Lo was posted in the video linked above, and 800Hz was done in Mini Test 2.

Siemens U-MMT-MCS - Part 1; Part 2 will be coming, read the video description as to why I’m making two parts

Edwards Integrity Horn/Strobe - Just a test of the strobe this time

EST Genesis Remote Strobe

EST Genesis RS + SpectrAlert Classic RS

Siemens U-MMT
Part 2 -

Gentex Commander3
In 2400Hz Continuous and Chime Continuous/Pulse -

EST Genesis Horn/Strobe

Simplex 4903-9219 - This is take #2, but this is with a different -9219.

Wheelock MT-24-LSM - I do (yet another) test of my Wheelock MT-24-LSM horn/strobe, but the reason why I made this video is because all my other videos demonstrating all the tones of the MT did not have flashing strobe lights going off (Mini Test 5 does not count). - Another test of my EST Genesis Horn/Strobe. Not only that, but I also walk around my entire house to see how loud it is in other areas of the house.

I haven’t posted anything for at least a month, but I just recently posted a bunch of fire alarm videos on YouTube.

Please note that all videos have a disclaimer that runs for at least 20 seconds, so feel free to skip over the disclaimer.

Strobe-Only Tests

If you see a black rectangle, that’s because I had to edit out a pile of yearbooks that mentioned my school’s name and the town that I live in, due to me not being very careful where I was pointing the camera.
Another test of my SpectrAlert Classic remote strobe, but running on full power (as opposed to just a 9v battery) from my power supply, set to 30cd, along with my Fire-Lite BG-12L.
Another test of my Gentex GXS remote strobe, along with my Notifier NBG-10L
Another strobe-only test of my Integrity Horn/Strobe, along with my newer 270-SPO
Another test of my EST Remote Strobe, set to 30cd, same pull as in the previous video.

Mini Test 6; I did a similar setup to what my high school has (when it was initially installed in the 1980s); more info is in the description
Mini Test 7; A test of my Simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobe along with my 2099-9754 T-Bar
Mini Test 8; Same thing as Mini Test 7 except I’ve swapped out the -9219 for the -9236.

Once again, feel free to skip over the disclaimer in these videos.

Mini Test 8.5

The reason I call it that was because it’s almost the same thing as Mini Test 8, except without a strobe.

I was initially going to do this test right after Mini Test 8, but it had the -9838 horn behind the shell at the time, and I had trouble trying to unscrew it from the shell (problem has since been solved).

Mini Test 9

Mini Test 10

Mini Test 11

Mini Test 12

Wheelock MT-24-LSM Strobe Test

Simplex 4903-9236 Strobe Test

A test of one of my alarms that recently arrived in the mail: the Federal Signal iStrobe.

The next two tests consist of two different strobe plates (with just their respective strobes going off).

Wheelock RSSP (with my Wheelock MT horn attached)

Simplex 4903-9101 (with my 2901-9838 horn attached, since they were packaged together when they arrived in the mail)

Mini Test 13, featuring the Edwards Integrity and the 270-SPO

There is more to come, so stay tuned.

Mini Test 14

Mini Test 15

Mini Test 16

A test of my Simplex 4901-9805 Horn

Another fire alarm mod that I did: swapping out the shell from the -9805 and putting the -9838 cover

If you think that I’ve gotten the model number wrong, then click here.

Mini Test 17

Mini Test 18

A test of one of the rarest alarms ever collected: my Simplex 4903 light plate.

Some of you may believe that it’s a 4903-9001 (myself included), however, from what I can gather from the label on the light plate (which I’ll post a pic of soon) has led me into question.

My 34T wired directly into my RSSP - Please read the description

My Simplex 2901-9838 (different from -9838 that I’ve had for years) on my 4903 Light Plate

Same as before, but swapped out the -9838 for the 34T

Mini Test 20

Simplex 4903-9236 Strobe Test 3

Haven’t posted in long time, but I only have two videos to post for now.

A test of my Edwards Integrity horn/strobe (with only the strobe hooked up) along with my EST Genesis remote strobe.

Another test of my 4903 light plate along with my newly acquired 4251-20 T-Bar.

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last posted alarm tests here, but here they are:

Mini Test 27

Mini Test 28

Mini Test 29

Simplex 4903-9219 and Wheelock 7002T Test

(I know this kind of setup has been done to death many times)

Simplex 4903-9219 and EST Genesis Test

I still have more videos that I need to post, though.

Here are the other mini tests:

Mini Test 30

This is a 3-part test (not just because this is “Mini Test 30” as that I didn’t know what mini

test number it was at the time of recording)

Mini Test 31

Mini Test 32

Mini Test 33

Mini Test 34