Ugliest NA's

The strobe design on Eaton’s/Wheelock’s Eluxa devices is really bizzare for an LED strobe. At least it’s cover plate for it.

Ah yes: that’s probably one of the latest examples (that I know of at least): don’t know what either Eaton or Wheelock was thinking (depending on who designed the Eluxa-series) especially when the LED3-series was just fine (heck it was literally the same thing except with a much better-designed strobe).

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I’d think the Eluxa would look fine without it’s cover plate it could’ve been a lot more smoother instead of a bunch of ridges and spikes on it.

Perfect example right here (the LED3-series, which has the same strobe design as the LED Exceder but flashes for the correct duration unlike the latter):

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