Ugliest NA's

The strobe design on Eaton’s/Wheelock’s Eluxa devices is really bizzare for an LED strobe. At least it’s cover plate for it.

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Ah yes: that’s probably one of the latest examples (that I know of at least): don’t know what either Eaton or Wheelock was thinking (depending on who designed the Eluxa-series) especially when the LED3-series was just fine (heck it was literally the same thing except with a much better-designed strobe).

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I’d think the Eluxa would look fine without it’s cover plate it could’ve been a lot more smoother instead of a bunch of ridges and spikes on it.

Perfect example right here (the LED3-series, which has the same strobe design as the LED Exceder but flashes for the correct duration unlike the latter):


I don’t know what Simplex is thinking with their LED line. I don’t think they look too bad it’s just that they only come in wall mount versions. They really need to make a ceiling mount version if they are going to expect them to start selling. They also need to make a speaker strobe version.

Whatever they do I at least hope they do a better job than they did with their TrueAlertES devices (given how lazily-designed the ceiling-mount speaker/strobe is designed: it’s literally a TrueAlertES speaker with a 4903-series strobe crudely attached to the side).

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The whole point of the strobe being off to the side of the speaker is so that the audio is intelligible, which is leagues more important than looks in an emergency. The 49SV-APPLC is designed the way it is to have the clearest possible audio quality. That was one of the selling points in the product presentation.

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Edwards’ GCS-series demonstrates that it’s possible to have a good-looking speaker/strobe & still have the speaker unobstructed for excellent audio quality at the same time (granted theirs uses LED strobes instead of a xenon strobe which allows for strobe designs normally impossible with xenon, but still).

That doesn’t look very good imo. (And est speaker’s don’t have very good sound quality.) Having a strobe off to the side could’ve been done better in both of these cases (the xenon genesis doesn’t look half bad.) However, I’d imagine that the strobe being in the middle doesn’t affect audio quality that much.

I honestly have no idea why virtually everyone seems to hate Edwards’ ceiling-mount LED visual devices: in my opinion they look great & should work fantastic.

Good idea there mentioning the original xenon Genesis ceiling-mount speaker/strobe: it had the strobe off to one side which obviously isn’t symmetrical, but at least it still looked good & didn’t obstruct the speaker either (heck if they wanted to Edwards could have had the strobe in the middle like with their Genesis ceiling-mount horn/strobes & remote strobes & put the speaker holes around it, much like System Sensor did with their SpectrAlert, SpectrAlert Advance, & L-series ceiling-mount speaker/strobes (it would have looked different from System Sensor’s too since the strobe would be mostly flat & not jutting out like it does on the former’s, along with the entire device itself not being curved either).

Oh God no no please just no

That looks just wrong

It’s meant to improve the output while drawing less current. The led exceder couldn’t do high candela but the eluxa can

I still say the LED3-series would have been just fine if slightly redesigned to have high candela settings: besides, an LED strobe draws far less current than a xenon one does, so isn’t that enough in the way of reducing the current draw?

The led3 series has 1 led, but the eluxa has 5. That makes it easier to do high candelas, and do lower candelas with less current draw. Plus it has T3/T4 options. The only thing I don’t like about the eluxa is that it needs braces

All of that could have been done without designing the world’s ugliest lenses though.

Maybe not. They wouldn’t intentionally design an ugly device. The strobe lens design is likely meant to optimize light output and distribution

I don’t see how if it’s completely asymmetrical.

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