World Trade Center Fire Alarm System History

I Don’t know. But I found that 5 WTC had a Firecom 8500 like 7 WTC.
It can be found here: 9/11~Evacuation of World Trade Center 5 [Evan Fairbanks Video] - YouTube

(Edit) This is found as False information. Building 5 most likely was connected to the MXL system.

Actually, as debunked by multiple individuals, audio from WTC 7’s 8500 system was dubbed into that footage, so we still don’t know what type of system WTC 5 had exactly.

I saw that after I posted the video.

Disregard That !

I found this video while scrolling on YT

I think they died when the plane Crashed into the building

He was talking about the people who planned the attack, not the people who hijacked and crashed 2 planes into the twin towers, because as you said the hijackers died when they crashed into the towers

The planner of the attack was arrested, the mastermind of 9/11 was killed