World Trade Center Fire Alarm System History

Fire alarm NAC’s are not supposed to put out enough voltage to kill someone

I feel like that’s not right. I’m pretty sure that @KBM_Fire_andSecurity Got voltage and Current mixed up in that calculation.

For my calculations, I got this, (Math is probably wrong tho)

Lets say each alarm takes 0.1 Amps (That’s what my alarms get on average)

At 24 volts on a single circuit, it would need 85 Amps. (520/0.1) or 1248 Watts of power (Amps *24v)

Remember, I may be wrong as well. My knowledge of electronics combined with math is Very Limited.

I tried to use a voltage calculator for my guess

The Acme pull is likely from building 3 (Marriott Hotel) or building 6 (US Custom House).
The Cerberus Pyrotronics systems were only in buildings 1, 2, 4, and 5, as well as the retail concourse.

Yeah. Your probably right

Does anyone know what tones/messages are used in 1WTC today???

I know of a video that shows the current building’s alarms sounding, but I can’t seem to find it for some reason.

I’m also wondering what it sounds like

I don’t know if Firecom still uses the same tones that were used in WTC7 to this day (whoop and chime)

They probably don’t use those tones any more

Found it: The Fire Alarm went off in the Freedom Tower!!! - YouTube

Here’s another video of the same tone but a different building: Henry Nazar P.E. on Instagram: "Top of Staircase smoke relief hatch releasing upon activation of top of stairs smoke detector"

The one I’m thinking of but can’t seem to find has a close-up of one of the mall’s unique curved-plate speaker/strobes in the thumbnail.

Cool, sounded very different than I expected

Another video of wtc1: World Trade Center Alarm System - YouTube

That pull station needs a bit of restoration. But probably from WTC7? The FireCom 8500 system?

As I said, no: 7 WTC wouldn’t have had those kinds of pull stations since it had a Firecom system (in fact you can see the manual stations it would have most likely had some posts above). A few people guessed that that ACME pull came from another building at the WTC complex.

Like I said “ the WTC rubble was mixed up”

Then that must be a replacement then…

As has been said, it could have come from any of the buildings at the WTC complex, not just 7 WTC (which most likely didn’t have them anyway). Besides, that pull station is most likely way older than the 8500 system that was in 7 WTC going by the way it looks.