What alarm do you have at work/school

My school has System Sensor L-Series in operation. It also has a few inactive old horn strobes and bells. I will post the inactive ones in a help post once I get photos.

Awesome to hear some schools still have single stroke bells. My old high school had them, and I was supposed to preserve them, but they replaced the system and took all the single stroke bells out.

I am not sure if the bells at my school are single stroke or not.

Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School Fire Alarm System. Tucson AZ.

(School built in 1954 as Brown Elementary.)

System as of 2021/2022 School year.

Some of this is not well documented, so correct me if I get something wrong. (If you have recently been to the school.)


A combo of Simplex True-alerts and Cerberus Pyrotronics re-branded 700S2Ts.

System Panel, Simplex 4100U. Located in the office.

Cafeteria/Multipurpose room


2 Cerberus Pyrotronics re-branded 7002Ts on the opposite sides of each other.

Outdoor Restrooms

A Simplex rebranded Gentex GX-90S5h which in my opinion is the most annoying alarm in the school. I feel bad for a classmate I know that was in the restroom when that alarm sounded because of a gas leak.

Outdoor Restrooms

A Wheelock RS

Band/Orchestra Room

A simplex re-branded GOS and GXS in the general room and a 4906-9101 in the Restroom.



A Wheelock NS is in each classroom.



Wheelock NS’es in all the hallways. (With my experience, they are all out of sync.)

Pull Stations

Simplex 2099-9759’s (These pull stations are everywhere mentioned except for the classrooms. I wanted to save space here so I put it here.)

Smoke Detectors.

Simplex True-alarms (Don’t know the model)


6in Vibrating Bells (Dont know the Mfg or model.)


When activated, the bells, 7002t’s, and Gentex Alarms all sound on steady. The Wheelock NS’es in the classrooms and hallways sound in Code 3. Since I guess that all the NAs are one panel NAC, the NS’es get out of sync. (Easy to tell because the strobe flashing does not line up and eventually the horns sound together like one loud pulse.)

I cant really hear the majority of the alarms outside because of the bells and the super annoying GX-90S5h.

Future notes

Next year, I will document a Fire Drill here.

I had some interest in this system because a former student had made a vlog about pulling the system before the system got replaced. (This is 2002.) (Example: The pull-stations used to be Cerberus Pyrotronics MSI-20B’s before being replaced with the current 2099-9759’s. I’m guessing the panel was Cerberus as well at the time, I have no idea though. (Possibly because one of the riser inspection tags have Siemens and others had Simplex.)

I also got interested because the school had recently had a smoke condition and a gas leak. (I have more on that.) So I wanted to learn more.

I will get some footage of this system soon.

Since the signals were 7002T’s the old pull stations were probably MSX’s, not MSI-20B’s.

The MSX is compatible with the XL3 panel, and the MSI-20B is used with the MXL panel.

I’ve never seen 7002T’s installed on an MXL system. Instead, old MXL systems would use Wheelock MT’s or EHS-DL1’s.